Bernie Wrightson’s Frankenstein Cover Art Breaks a World Record

On December 12th, Bernie Wrightson’s original cover art for the Marvel Comics adaptation of Frankenstein sold at auction for a world record price of $1.2 million.

The cover features Dr. Frankenstein being threatened by his creation in his laboratory in this illustration titled, “…I shall be with you on your wedding night.” It was sold at Profiles in History as a part of a private collection that also included the works of Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, and John Byrne.

Bernie Wrightson was the co-creator of the famous DC Comics character Swamp Thing, and was renowned throughout his career for his works of horror and suspense comic books. He was an extraordinary inspiration for our artists and collectors at Sideshow.

Many critics describe this illustration as Wrightson’s “Sistine Chapel”. The level of intricacy, and attention to both detail and narrative, certainly prove its brilliance and lend it the acclaim of one of the most important and detailed fantasy illustrations of all time.

Wrightson has always been incredibly important to Sideshow, both as a friend and artistic inspiration. Sadly, he passed away in 2017, but his influence still drives our creative atmosphere to this day. “As individual artists, his work was an endless source of revelation and wonder [to us], and the first ever piece [Sideshow] created as a fledgling company was a Wrightson-inspired sculpt.” 

As artists, fans, and collectors we are thrilled to hear that his art is still an inspiration to countless others.

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