The Best Alternate Versions of Deadpool

We all know and love Wade Wilson, the ever-confident Merc with a Mouth, able to dole out destruction and disses left and right as Deadpool. But did you know that there is an entire multiverse of Deadpools, each with unique quirks and stories?

Let’s go over the best alternate versions of Deadpool, as represented by some of the best Deadpool collectibles in the multiverse!

Deadpool Doll

The Deadpool Doll is featured in the Exclusive Edition of the Cable Premium Format™ Figure because, let’s be honest, how can Cable go without a Deadpool Doll? He’ll need it for his time traveling adventures, and we’re sure of it. (It’s even being hand-delivered by Wade Wilson himself.)

While this Deadpool is slightly less sentient than the other Deadpools on the list, you can’t help but absolutely adore him. Just look at his friendship necklace! This adorable little DP is an essential for even the most hardened mercenaries.

X-Force Deadpool

When an anti-hero like Deadpool joins an incredible team, you get X-Force Deadpool in a completely new and completely cool costume. Don’t worry, he’s not lacking any ammunition or weapons, especially when he’s funded by the X-Men themselves!

Standing alongside the likes of the Punisher, Elektra, and Thundra, Deadpool surprisingly looked even a little bit sane. But just a little bit!

Lady Deadpool

Lady Deadpool is just as kickass as her Earth-616 counterpart. She’s quite witty and quite lethal, with only a few major differences. First, her name is Wanda Wilson. Second, she started a team of Deadpools from across the multiverse.

They show down against the greatest foes, and sometimes even different Deadpools! It’s all in a day’s work for the Deadpool Corps.


Headpool is slightly different than your typical alternate reality Deadpool. For one, he doesn’t have a body, so he’s already a-HEAD of the curve! Ha! Okay. We’ll stop. Headpool is the zombified version of Deadpool.

He doesn’t have regenerative abilities whatsoever, and he’s ever-so-slightly undead. He often refers to himself as the Merc with ONLY a Mouth! Headpool gets the boot as a display accessory with the Lady Deadpool Premium Format™ Figure.

Ryan Reynolds Deadpool

There are many Deadpools across the multiverse, each of them with distinct personalities and wit, but there is no way we could ignore Deadpool as portrayed by the effervescent Ryan Reynolds. He brings a certain “je ne sais quoi” to the character. And baby hands. Can’t forget the baby hands.

Seeing Dusty Deadpool in the smash-hit sequel is more than just a costume change, it’s another take on one of the many Deadpools in the multiverse. This look is just right, if you ask me. (Plus, it’s a clever little nod to Wade’s time in X-Force.)


Kidpool was raised at the Xavier Orphanage for Troubled Boys, where he and a couple other mutant children would constantly find themselves getting into trouble. He and Cyclops would run around the orphanage, and Kidpool would even get into fights with Wolverine himself.

That didn’t stop him from achieving greatness when he joined Lady Deadpool in the Deadpool Corps. And while Deadpool himself is childish, no one is quite as playful as Kidpool!

The Kidpool Premium Format Figure even has a little Rubber Duckpool! Deadpool sure knows how to merchandise the Merc with a Mouth persona.

Every Animal Deadpool

There are so many alternate versions of Deadpool that are in some way mixed with an animal that we had to put them all in one category. There’s Duckpool, the quacky, quippy merc who often fights alongside Pandapool, who is fond of bamboo and bambombs, and there’s even a Dinosaur Deadpool.

Each of these characters has the powers of Deadpool, amplified by their unique animal powers. Like… teeth. And claws. Yeah mostly that.

Every Hero Deadpool

Throughout multiple timelines and multiverses, there are alternate hero versions of Deadpool as well. Wolverinepool is arguably one of the strongest and most powerful. This is not a version of Wolverine, but rather a Wade Wilson who was given adamantium in the Weapon X program, alongside the other experimentation.

There is also the beloved Grootpool, whose catchphrase is the expected, “I am Deadpool.” There is no telling what power Grootpool has. Groot is already inexplicably powerful. With Deadpool‘s endless regeneration and clever use of weaponry, it’s likely that he is unstoppable. (That is, unless another Deadpool faces off against him.)


There is no foe quite as instantly terrifying as Venompool, with his slithering tongue, sharp and witty all the same! Venompool has made his debut in comics a few times, but the most popular design is featured in Marvel’s Contest of Champions mobile game. This bulky fusion design mixes with Deadpool’s weaponry and attire with Venom‘s symbiote strength to create a BEAST of a Deadpool.

Venompool can often be seen checking his cell phone, taking selfies, and shooting the living #$%^ out of literally anything he wants to. Oh, and he likes long walks on the beach.

Death Mask Deadpool

The most terrifying alternate Deadpool on this list in Death Mask Deadpool. When Reed Richards, i.e. Mister Fantastic, removes a tumor from Deadpool’s head, his insanity seems to completely dissipate – or at least repurpose itself. Deadpool becomes hyper-intelligent and dethrones Doctor Doom, taking his place as King of Latveria and becoming a version of Doom himself.

He plans to take over the world, even learning all sorts of mysticism and working with Mephisto to make it happen. Death Mask Deadpool is feared throughout the multiverse, and he should be.

BONUS: Galactuspool

While Galactus might be one of the most powerful beings in the entire multiverse, the same cannot necessarily be said for Galactuspool. He is menacing, most certainly, but he is also killed relatively easily.

Lady Deadpool simply flies into his face using her ship named after Bea Arthur, who is Deadpool’s favorite actress of all time. It makes sense if you don’t think too hard about it.

There probably aren’t enough chimichangas in the universe to sate Galactuspool’s hunger.

Which alternate Deadpool is your favorite? Be sure to check out all of Sideshow’s Marvel collectibles for your favorite heroes from every universe!