The Best Bo-Katan Kryze Moments in Star Wars Television

Bo-Katan Kryze has a complicated history in Star Wars. Born royalty, this native Mandalorian found solace in her people’s roots and actively rebelled against the pacifist government — AKA her family, House Kryze. She served as a lieutenant in the extremist Death Watch™ faction, which championed martial law and military prowess above all else. This outlook was understandable during the Clone Wars. However, her views and actions often misaligned with those of the Jedi.

Despite her somewhat antagonistic approach, Bo-Katan Kryze is undoubtedly a hero in our favorite galaxy far, far away. Below, let’s look at her best, most heroic, and most noteworthy moments in all of Star Wars television — from The Clone Wars™ and Rebels™ to The Mandalorian.

Freeing Duchess Satine

During the Clone Wars, the Death Watch leader Pre Vizsla overthrew Duchess Satine Kryze. Bo-Katan supported his rule. However, soon after, Darth Maul challenged Pre Vizsla. After emerging victorious, the former Sith took the throne. He imprisoned Satine. Bo-Katan and her Nite Owls refused to recognize Maul’s rule. They labeled him an outsider and oppressor.

Bo-Katan ended up starting a civil war on the planet Mandalore. Righteous, and fully committed to her own code, Bo-Katan freed her sister and led a revolution against a false king. Sadly, Satine lost her life in the struggle. Bo-Katan thus ascended to regent of Mandalore. She allied with the Galactic Republic, as well as the warrior Ahsoka Tano, to successfully drive Maul out.

Claiming the Darksaber

Unfortunately, Bo-Katan’s creed also kept her from submitting to the Empire. She was ousted as ruler and replaced by members of Clan Saxon who were loyal to Palpatine. Another civil war broke out on the planet. Most Mandalorians were searching desperately for a leader who could withstand Imperial control. The rebel Sabine Wren, alongside her mother Countess Ursa Wren, wanted to gift the Darksaber to someone worthy of their support.

Enter Bo-Katan Kryze. After helping Clan Wren defeat some Saxons, Sabine asked to pass on the Darksaber to her. Although Mandalorian law required the Darksaber be won in combat, Bo-Katan accepted it without fighting Sabine. All present Mandalorians still recognized Bo-Katan as their new leader. However, support for Bo-Katan was certainly not as widespread as everyone hoped.

Helping Ragnar Vizsla

A few years later, Bo-Katan had lost support on multiple fronts. Although she stood against Imperial agent Moff Gideon, she was forced to surrender the Darksaber to him. Her followers stood with her for some time until she accidentally lost the weapon to Din Djarin™. Nothing was going her way. No one was on her side. These setbacks didn’t kill her spirit, though. She still fought to keep the foundling Grogu safe and face her old allies/enemies: the Death Watch.

Reunited with the Watch, Bo-Katan was allowed to join their clan and walk the Way. When the foundling Ragnar was taken from their territory, Bo-Katan led the expedition to retrieve him. She did not give up on the child even when his father Paz Vizsla did. For this, both her honor and support were restored in the eyes of even the most judgmental Mandalorians.

Dueling Axe Woves

After earning the respect of Din Djarin’s covert, the next Mandalorians on Bo-Katan’s list were her former associates — chief among them Koska Reeves™ and Axe Woves™. Since losing ownership of the Darksaber, Bo-Katan had fallen out of favor among her soldiers, with Axe taking up her spot as leader.

However, Bo-Katan knew what needed to be done. She and Din confronted Axe’s Mandalorian unit on Plazir-15. According to Mandalorian custom, Bo-Katan and Axe engaged in one-on-one combat. It’s a close fight, but Bo-Katan beat Axe in this tense challenge. With the compassion of a true leader, she refused to kill him at the duel’s end. Following the duel, Bo-Katan regained control of the stolen Imperial fleet as well as the Darksaber (thanks Din!).

Uniting the Factions

Of course, Mandalorians don’t offer their loyalty lightly. The Armorer named Bo-Katan as the person who would unite all clans. Explaining that Bo-Katan was privileged and special enough to walk both worlds, The Armorer tasked her with finding any and all scattered factions. Mandalorians were always stronger together, after all.

Bo-Katan took this task very seriously. She even proposed she and the Watch return to Mandalore. They happily agreed. Once there, Bo-Katan found survivors of the Night of a Thousand Tears — also known as the Purge of Mandalore. Despite initial setbacks, Bo-Katan allied the three groups against their common enemy: Moff Gideon.

Reclaiming Mandalore

Finally, Bo-Katan completed her mission. She reclaimed Mandalore. Surrounded by her people and followers, Bo-Katan Kryze reignited the Great Forge. Her next mission: to rebuild a lost civilization, and bring hope back to Mandalorians across the galaxy. We don’t know if Bo-Katan Kryze will appear in the yet-to-be-announced Mandalorian season 3. But we do know that if she does, her presence will be just as vital and riveting as it always has been.

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