The Best Star Wars Showdowns in Recent History

A whole new chapter of Star Wars galactic history is unfolding right before our eyes. With all these recent stories, we have witnessed some truly astounding showdowns and duels.

Of course, no fan could ever forget the most epic lightsaber™ duels — especially from skilled fighters such as Darth Vader™ and Kylo Ren™. However, heroes exist beyond the Jedi Order™, too. That’s why the following Star Wars showdowns have been selected as some of the best in recent memory.

Mando vs. Paz Vizsla

The Book of Boba Fett

Listen, we know this was Boba Fett’s™ show but how could you leave out this pivotal duel for Din Djarin™? On his journey to reconcile his Mandalorian™ heritage, The Mandalorian™ travels to Glavis Ringworld™ and follows a hidden path of mythosaur™ skulls to find The Armorer’s™ base of operations.

At this point, Boba possesses the Darksaber™ but this is a weapon he’s not quite used to wielding. After his wounds are dressed and he receives some training from The Armorer, Paz Vizsla™ challenges Djarin to a duel for ownership of the Darksaber. Vizsla is a descendant of the Mandalorian Jedi who forged the Darksaber. A tense fight ensues in which Djarin’s cunning is tested against Vizsla’s brute strength. Narrowly, Djarin wins. But in the aftermath of the fight, he reveals that he has removed his helmet before others. In the eyes of his fellow Mandalorians, Djarin is now an outcast.

Ahsoka vs. Inquisitor

Tales of the Jedi

Ahsoka Tano™ has always been someone who walks her own path. Though she was identified as Force-sensitive at a young age, eventually she becomes disillusioned with the Jedi Order. This is especially true after she witnesses her former master Anakin Skywalker’s™ descent into the dark side. Thus, Ahsoka sets off on her own so she can carve out her own place in the galaxy — preferably in anonymity.

However, a talented Jedi never remains hidden for long. Though she’s undercover, Ahsoka is compelled to defend a colony of farmers when Inquisitors™ come to terrorize them. Ahsoka demonstrated her innate gifts throughout the Clone Wars™ but her fight against an Inquisitor in “Resolve” from Tales of the Jedi shows just how formidable she really is. Without any weapon to begin with, Ahsoka disarms her enemy and uses the lightsaber to behead the Inquisitor in one swift move. There was never any doubt that Ahsoka is in her own league but this moment adds clear evidence to the pile.

Boba vs. Cad Bane

The Book of Boba Fett

With all the bounty hunters running around the galaxy, it was only a matter of time until a good ol’ fashioned Western showdown popped up in Star Wars. Set against the backdrop of Mos Espa™, this faceoff between Boba Fett and Cad Bane™ has all the makings of a textbook Western shootout.

On a dusty deserted street, the two fighters face each other down from a distance. They have a complicated past together, having worked side by side but now belonging to opposing forces. Bane has brought chaos into Fett’s town and now the price must be paid. The seconds stretch out into eternity as it’s increasingly unclear who will come out on top — ultimately, the student becomes the master and Boba Fett bests Cad Bane. A look of shock is the last thing to register across Bane’s dying face.

The Uprising on Narkina 5


Star Wars is all about rebellion against tyranny and, as we all know, rebellions are built on hope. That’s why Cassian Andor™ fights so hard to liberate his fellow prisoners of the Narkina 5 Imperial Prison Complex™. In the cruel confines of an Imperial prison, there’s not much hope of anything. But Andor and Kino Loy’s™ plan soon changes that for the prisoners.

Using a series of distractions to take out the guards and disable the prison’s electrical system, Andor and Loy lead the charge in escaping. The guards put up a fight against the prisoners’ revolution but in the end they manage to overpower their oppressors. Of course, it wouldn’t be a grand Star Wars showdown without a poignant sacrifice. As the prisoners leap into the oceans surrounding the complex, Loy stays behind — he can’t swim and thus can’t fully take part in the escape.

Commander Cody & Crosshair vs Governor Ames

The Bad Batch

The genius of Star Wars: The Bad Batch is that by following Clone Force 99™, tension is inherently built in to their story. We know how the resistance against the Empire turns out and … well, for a while things really don’t look good. So even a small victory, while sweet, is laced with bitter at the same time.

While he is technically a member of the Bad Batch™, it can be very difficult to root for Crosshair™. He deserted our favorite clone trooper™ rebels and instead chooses to fight for an Empire that doesn’t value him. In short, his choices are baffling. When he’s paired up with Commander Cody™ to rescue an Imperial leader from the planet Desix™. The planet’s rightful governor, Tawni Ames™, holds the Imperial Governor Grotton™ hostage. Cody attempts to negotiate, promising Ames peaceful negotiation. Crosshair, however, shoots her — Cody is shocked and once again, the hope of peace is cut short by the trigger of the Empire.

Mando defends Grogu on Tython

The Mandalorian

Throughout the Mandalorian’s adventures, his singular goals remains the safety of Grogu™. While Din Djarin might not fully understand his foundling, he knows that he will protect the Child at all costs. He also makes an effort to reignite Grogu’s connection with his Jedi heritage. As a foundling himself, Djarin knows what that disconnection feels like.

In his attempt to reconnect Grogu with the Jedi, Djarin takes him to Tython™ at Ahsoka Tano’s suggestion. Unbeknownst to him, Djarin has been followed by Boba Fett and Fennec Shand™, who seek to reclaim Boba’s armor. Soon, their fight is overshadowed by a fleet of Dark Troopers™ sent to the planet by Moff Gideon™. This first appearance of the menacing battle droids is terrifying because they’re unlike anything our heroes have encountered before. Though the bounty hunters put up a good fight, ultimately the Dark Troopers prevail in abducting Grogu. The battle on Tython is a terrifying reminder that sometimes a horrific setback must be endured before all is well.

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