Top 10 Quotes from Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi

Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi™ contains epic lightsaber™ duels, Jedi Council™ politics, and disturbances in the Force. There are also things we have never truly seen before in Star Wars media, such as a Jedi funeral ceremony and a young Count Dooku™ (plus more insight into the mysterious Yaddle™).

Surprisingly, the Force-wielder who would become a throwaway apprentice to Darth Sidious™ is a compelling study in what it takes for a Jedi to lose their way. In fact, at certain points the audience even empathizes with Dooku, despite knowing how his future plays out. However, the series comes full circle with a grown-up Ahsoka Tano™ surviving the fall of the Republic. Here are the 10 best quotes from Tales of the Jedi.

1. “You must face death, Ahsoka. Not fear it.” – Pav-ti

The series begins with a birth. As Ahsoka Tano is born, her Togruta™ community gathers to welcome her into the world. Once she’s a year old, her mother Pav-ti™ takes her on a rite of passage into the forest. Pav-ti imparts wisdom upon her daughter, teaching that they must never take more than they need, as well as the above quote about death. Little Ahsoka turns away from a dying animal, but Pav-ti guides Ahsoka in embracing the cycle of life and death.

During their hunt, a sabertooth beast crosses their path and snatches Ahsoka from her mother. Because she is powerful in the Force, Ahsoka manages to develop a rapport with the sabertooth. The beast returns Ahsoka to her village, where Gantika, a respected elder, declares that Ahsoka is Jedi.

2. “Corruption like yours must be eradicated.” – Dooku

The next two episodes switch focus to Count Dooku. We see the young Jedi Master with an even younger Qui-Gon Jinn™, his Padawan™. Already, the seeds of the dark side are taking root within Dooku. His temper flares easily, in contrast to Qui-Gon’s calm wisdom.

A selfish Senator attempts to command Dooku to side with him, against the interests of an impoverished town. The Jedi Master asserts that he does not serve the Senate, but the people of the Republic. Dooku’s increasing disillusionment with the Republic is shown through corrupt Senators. He is unafraid to use force against those he does not agree with — and those who deserve punishment. If Qui-Gon and the Senator’s son hadn’t interrupted, Dooku’s Force chokehold would likely have killed the Senator. Like Anakin Skywalker™ will one day prove, some Jedi are willing to cross treacherous lengths to uphold their ideals.

3. “My friend, your devotion to rules is sometimes inspiring and sometimes maddening.” – Dooku

Even while he is still a member of the Jedi Order™, Dooku has his own opinions and ways of handling matters. Unlike others who refuse to deviate from the Order’s strict rules, such as Mace Windu™, Dooku knows that not all rules merit unquestioning loyalty. This is especially true when corruption runs free.

Though some Jedi are content to obey orders, Dooku prefers the truth — which isn’t always convenient.

4. “Jedi claim peace but mostly keep law and order for the rich and powerful.” – Semage

Dooku and Windu arrive on Raxus Secundus™ to investigate the death of Jedi Master Katri™. Both Dooku and Windu suspect something is amiss, but Windu is unwilling to press any further than the Council allows. Dooku goes rogue, pushing the mission to its limits as he searches for answers.

One of the soldiers they encounter, Semage™, accuses the Jedi of being “lapdogs” to the Senate. They might claim to keep the peace, but their only keeping it for a select, privileged few — not the majority who are suffering under the Senate’s growing corruption. This accusation strikes a chord within Dooku. As he and Windu travel back to Coruscant™, Dooku will stray even further from the Jedi.

5. “They grow up so fast, our students.” – Dooku

Episode 4, “The Sith Lord,” is concurrent with Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace™. From this new perspective, we see what happens on Coruscant as the Jedi Council considers Qui-Gon Jinn’s suspicion that a Sith Lord™ is on the loose. Though Qui-Gon is now a Master, the Council still decides to proceed with caution. They’re unwilling to believe a Sith could have returned.

Meanwhile, Dooku has fallen away from the Jedi path. He deletes Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas’™ information on Kamino™ from the Jedi archives — a clue that Dooku is already working for Sidious. Dooku’s assassination of Sifo-Dyas will allow Sidious to control the production of clone troopers™ and set Order 66™ in place. Thus, Dooku’s quote above, about students and teachers, is especially poignant. Dooku is observing his former Padawan deal with the consequences of his own Master’s insidious plan.

6. “Such is the price of freedom.” – Sidious

Darth Sidious himself is another prominent figure of episode 4. As is the way of the Sith, a Master must tempt their apprentice to commit a foul betrayal. This act of murder seals the bond between two Sith Lords, upholding the Rule of Two. While Dooku’s fall to the dark side was only discussed in the prequel trilogy, now we see it happen.

Dooku reports back to Sidious, but he is also unhappy that Qui-Gon is dead. Sidious reassures him that they have both endured loss, but that the galaxy cannot be remade without sacrifice. To Sidious, no cost is too great when it comes to attaining power.

7. “Already so many have suffered for what you call ‘order.'” – Master Yaddle

Master Yaddle is a bright spot among the darkness, an ally reaching out to Dooku’s fading connection to the Jedi. She notices the disturbance that clouds Dooku, so she follows him when he returns to Darth Sidious.

Unfortunately, in trying to save Dooku, she pushes him too far. Yaddle exposes his hypocrisy as he trades in one source of corruption for another. In a battle reminiscent of Dooku’s duel with Yoda™ in Episode II: Attack of the Clones™, Dooku and Yaddle clash lightsabers. While Yaddle holds her own, using agility and compassion to withstand Dooku, she eventually meets her end by Dooku’s blade. With her murder, Dooku has fully stepped into Sidious’ shadow.

8. “And as your master, I am responsible for you. The best way I can protect you is to teach you how to protect yourself.” – Anakin

Switching back to Ahsoka’s story, episode 5 shows the Padawan in training. She impresses everyone (including a young Kanan Jarrus™ from Rebels™) who watches her swiftly deal with battle droid simulators. However, Anakin knows she needs something more demanding. He challenges his Padawan to a different trial, and she eagerly accepts. Unlike the patience of Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan Kenobi™, both Anakin and Ahsoka are hot-headed.

Anakin’s training challenge at first appears to be a little too harsh. He enlists Captain Rex™ and the 501st Legion™ to help Ahsoka deal with a real-life battle situation. They encircle the young Jedi (with phasers set to stun) and Ahsoka must use the Force to predict their shots and defend herself. As Ahsoka struggles not to fail, and Anakin yells “Again!” over and over, she eventually sees that Anakin is preparing her for the worst so she has the tools to be the best.

9. “Still, we have a duty, don’t we? An obligation to uphold, when we’re able.” – Senator Bail Organa

The last episode of Tales of the Jedi deals with the aftermath of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith™. Though Ahsoka is in hiding, she secretly attends Padmé Amidala’s™ funeral on Naboo™. Senator Bail Organa™ spots her and follows her, urging Ahsoka to not run from the fight. But Ahsoka is exhausted. Her beloved Master has cast aside his humanity for the temptation of the dark side. The Republic is no more. Already, Imperial clone troopers are descending upon the galaxy as the Empire grows.

Still, Senator Organa appeals to Ahsoka’s strong sense of justice. Even if she can’t do it now, he knows eventually she’ll return to the fight — whenever and however she is able.

10. “I can do better.” – Ahsoka

In the penultimate episode, “Practice Makes Perfect,” Ahsoka tells Captain Rex that she can beat her training score. She can do better. But this quote rings especially true in the last episode, “Resolve.”

Displaying the raw power that once held a wild beast at bay, Ahsoka single handedly defeats an Inquisitor™ who wields a rotating lightsaber — all without a weapon of her own. Despite trying to escape it all, Ahsoka heeds Senator Organa’s words about duty and recalls her training under Anakin. But most of all, she finds the resolve within herself to defy strict definitions and carve her own path. Unlike Dooku before her, there’s still hope that Ahsoka’s path won’t end in sacrifice.

Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi is a powerful behind-the-scenes look at the fall of the Republic, as well as the rise of several prominent Clone Wars™ figures. What was your favorite moment or quote from the series?

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