The Top 8 Star Wars: Visions Season 2 Quotes

In Star Wars: Visions™ season 1, the animated series explored the legendary duality of the Force. Star Wars fans have always enjoyed the strict differences, but necessary balance, between the light side and the dark side. One can’t exist without the other. It was a fascinating look into previously unseen corners of the galaxy.

Now, season 2 delves even deeper into the furthest reaches of Star Wars. Not only do we get more stories about the Jedi™, the Sith™, and Kyber crystals™, but we also see stories not often told in the Star Wars universe. Fathers have famously played a pivotal role in the galaxy’s history: Darth Vader™, Han Solo™, even The Mandalorian™. But Visions highlights the equally vital role of motherhood. Plus, Indigenous warriors and daring rebels continue the fight against Imperial invasion. All in all, Star Wars: Visions season 2 continues the series’ imaginative, heartfelt storytelling. Here are the best quotes from each episode.

Warning: Light (and dark) spoilers ahead

“Sith” (El Guiri)

“I am the Master now, and I can paint my own destiny.”

So many young Jedi, like Anakin Skywalker™, are torn between the extremes of the Force. It’s no small feat choosing to be selfless in the face of difficult emotions. And thus, the path to the dark side becomes a bit easier to swallow, seductive even. After all, who wouldn’t love to give in to their most secret impulses?

Yet “Sith” shows a solitary painter who has put all that behind her. Instead, she seeks to channel the Force through art, accompanied by her loyal droid. Of course, the past always has a way of catching up — especially what we most hope remains in the past. Her former Sith Master goads her into a duel, pushing her to eclipse him as Master. At the battle’s end, our painter discovers that only she has the tools to decide what goes on her own canvas.

“Screecher’s Reach” (Cartoon Saloon)

“Don’t look back.”

For many, the dream of escaping their circumstances is the only thing that gets them through the day. Not everyone grows up surrounded by the love or opportunity they deserve. That’s why “Screecher’s Reach” is so powerful — yet again the Sith are an avenue to exploring the lengths we’ll go to get what we want.

Just like Rey™, our main character Daal™ knows there’s more beyond her life in the sweat shops. Though she’s among good friends, she knows this can’t be it. A nearby cave houses a wailing spirit, rumored to deal in the dark side, and Daal leads an expedition to confront the Screecher. There, she hopes to find a way out from her mediocre life. It turns out she’s willing to do much more than her friends in order to escape. But how far is too far?

“In the Stars” (Punkrobot)

“I know you feel her power!”

At its peak, the reach of the Empire extended into the darkest corners of the galaxy. Its corrupt hand snatched at resources and strangled anyone who got in its way. In recent years, we’ve gotten even more detailed looks at how the Empire devastated the whole galaxy. But few are as affecting as “In the Stars.”

Two sisters, Koten™ and Tichina™, are the last of their kind. When the Empire invaded their planet and drained it of resources, their mother fought back. Sadly, she was killed along with everyone else. The sisters grieve in very different ways but, with a big push from little Tichina, they honor their mother’s legacy. Their plight not only hints at the stormtrooper™ horrors awaiting in upcoming episodes, but provides a poignant parallel to the current struggles of Indigenous peoples.

“I Am Your Mother” (Aardman)

“Here comes the Ryloth Roll!”

As any teenager will tell you, few things are as embarrassing as a parent. Even in a far-off galaxy, this universal truth holds up. Just ask Anni™, a young Twi’lek™ girl who is enrolled at Wedge Antilles’™ pilot academy. Though her mother has always supported her dreams of being a pilot, Anni still wishes her mom were a bit cooler.

When the annual family race comes around, Anni wants nothing to do with it. Her mom can’t be seen! But circumstances often have a way of foiling our intentions, and this mother-daughter duo are soon racing to beat Anni’s “cooler” rival. By the end of the race, Anni realizes that shiny exteriors aren’t better than plenty of heart and a little Ryloth Roll™.

“Journey to the Dark Head” (Studio Mir)

“Nothing is fixed.”

Star Wars stories are filled with iconic duos. These pairs provide each other with balance, even if they don’t quite get along at first. In “Journey to the Dark Head,” two misunderstood young adults are forced to work together. Neither has much interest in getting to know the other but, as fate would have it, a duel would change their destiny.

True to Star Wars form, we have a plucky mechanic and a Force-wielder haunted by the dark side. Together, they confront Sith Lord Bichen™ and attempt to dismantle a mystic statue. As a prophecy comes to light, our protagonists see that balance is only possible with two extremes present, coexisting.

“The Spy Dancer” (Studio La Cachette)

“Why do you hide your true nature?”

Rebellion takes all manner of forms. Armed resistance, covert operations, and … aerial dancing? This story focuses on a club that caters to stormtroopers. Behind the curtains, the star performer and her crew run a secret spy network on the unsuspecting Imperial officers who pass through.

Much like many other people hurt by the Empire, Loi’e™ knows loss all too well. Her family was ripped apart by Imperial forces and she uses her spellbinding act to seek redemption. However, it’s not all fury behind the swirls of her robe. She’s also a grieving mother, just like General Leia Organa™ with her son Kylo Ren™. After the last curtain falls, it might just be love that’s the best weapon against the Empire.

“The Bandits of Golak” (88 Pictures)

“Imagine that. A Jedi in Golak.”

Everyone knows the old saying about a book and its cover. But even the most universal of lessons can do with a refresher from time to time. In “The Bandits of Golak,” a brother and sister flee from Imperial invasion. However, mischievous younger sister Rani™ exposes her Force abilities and Charuk™, her older brother, must distract the entire train so they can reach their destination.

Of course, even their final destination isn’t completely safe. A terrifying Inquisitor™ confronts them and it would seem all hope is lost. Fortunately, help arrives just when it’s needed and, going by appearances, from an unlikely source. A masterful lightsaber™ fight ensues, proving that all is not what it appears to be.

“The Pit” (D’Art Shtajio & Lucasfilm Ltd.)

“Follow the light.”

Sometimes hope is bittersweet. It presents a new beginning but it can come at a costly price. On a desolate planet, a group of enslaved laborers are forced to mine for Kyber crystals. Once they have finished their task and stripped the area of all crystals, the stormtroopers in charge abandon them. They’re stuck in a deep trench without any means of escape and dwindling supplies.

We’ve always known that Imperial forces are cruel. But this episode truly strikes that message home by showing their absolute disregard for those they consider beneath them. Still, there’s always a light waiting in the darkness. And when people are willing to follow that light, it’s enough to ignite a movement.

“Aau’s Song” (Triggerfish)

“We cannot choose where our calling takes us. Only whether or not to answer.”

Finding one’s voice is a lifelong journey. Over time, we grow from inexperienced individuals to members of communities and contributors to society. But feeling ready to speak up? That’s the first step in the journey.

At first, we meet a young girl who is quiet. So quiet, in fact, that she doesn’t speak. Her father and their people work at harvesting dark side-corrupted Kyber crystals. The Jedi then collect these crystals to purify them. But Aau™, a young Korban™, hears something that others don’t. As she learns to listen to herself, Aau also discovers the power of just one voice can echo among the stars.

Season 2 of Lucasfilm’s breathtaking anthology series takes us deeper into the galaxy’s mythical lore. There will never be a shortage of stories to tell from this vast universe, especially when so many new voices are given a platform to share their visions.

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