The Biggest Moments from DC Comics in 2022

Super heroes rarely do anything on a small scale, and this year was a big year for DC — both on screen and on the page. Legacy heroes like Jackson Hyde and Supergirl came into their own, with Hyde even assuming the title of Aquaman. Beloved mentors like Alfred were granted a brief return, and Omniverse-altering events swept through with Dark Crisis and Lazarus Planet.

On the small screen, shows like Batwoman, The Legends of Tomorrow, and Stargirl came to a close. Doom Patrol returned, Young Justice: Phantoms wrapped up an intergalactic drama of super proportions, and Titans completed the first part of its fourth season. The Batman ushered in a new cinematic universe for the Dark Knight while Black Adam finally made his debut. However, the following 8 items are the biggest achievements and moments from DC Comics in 2022.

Spoiler Warning: Spoilers ahead for Black Adam, Poison Ivy comics, etc.

Tim Drake & Bernard Kiss on Titans

Titans on HBO Max puts its own spin on DC’s most famous sidekicks and young heroes. From Gotham City to Metropolis, the Titans have faced their share of diabolical enemies as well as grown together as a team that feels like family.

This season, the team arrives at S.T.A.R. Labs to receive weapon upgrades and figure out their next move. Tim Drake continues his mission to become the next Robin but along the way he also meets Bernard. Fans of this duo will recognize them from the comics, and when they finally share a kiss in episode 5, it’s a big moment for Tim, Bernard, and everyone who’s rooting for them.

Poison Ivy Eats Jason Woodrue

Some super-villains remain the same for years on end, never changing their motives nor their methods. Poison Ivy is not one of these stunted characters. She’s constantly growing and evolving, in appearance as well as persona.

G. Willow Wilson’s Poison Ivy solo series allowed Pam to flourish all on her own during a roadtrip. However, she’s not exactly sightseeing. Instead, Ivy wants to spread a deadly, mind-altering fungus across the country until she reaches the lab of her former mentor and arch-nemesis, Dr. Jason Woodrue. In an empowering twist of events, Ivy consumes him and absorbs his power, reconnecting to The Green and re-establishing her roots.

Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman Debuts

Fans of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman had been waiting for years to see the story adapted for the screen. Finally, our dreams came true in 2022.

Netflix’s ethereal epic swept viewers off their feet and into a world where reality is nothing but a flimsy promise. We accompanied Morpheus as he fought to regain The Dreaming after a tortuous imprisonment, a journey that (literally) took him to Hell and back. Plus, there were plenty of DC Comics Easter eggs to spot, as if The Sandman needed any help in capturing our attention and feeding our dreams (or nightmares).

Harley Quinn Joins the Bat-Family

Just like her plant-powered paramour, Harley Quinn has undergone a major transformation. Her journey as an antihero spans across film, TV, and the comics, but Harley Quinn really highlights her inner struggle as she finds her place in the Bat-Family.

HBO Max’s animated series certainly takes free rein with Batman’s most famous characters. Clayface is a melodramatic thespian, Bane is a dimwitted punching bag, and The Joker is a surprisingly good mayor. But when Harley uncovers Batman’s secret identity, she helps Bruce Wayne and realizes she might actually enjoy this crime-fighting stuff. Watching Harley find herself surrounded by a supportive found family is a delightful ride into delirium.

Death of Superman 30th Anniversary Special #1

Sometimes we take for granted that super heroes will always be there to save the day. Thirty years ago, that assumption was put to the test when Superman died.

The Death of Superman shook DC fans to their core because somehow, the Man of Steel was defeated. Doomsday, a monstrous Kryptonian super-villain, was the culprit behind this tragedy and now, 30 years later, a special issue from the same creative team brings forth a new Superman story plus a villain named Doombreaker. Only a Superman story could bring the heat quite like this.

Kevin Conroy’s Pride Story

DC fans also mourned the loss of Kevin Conroy, the iconic voice of Batman in Batman: The Animated Series. This series brought innovative animation, clever storytelling, and memorable characterization to the forefront of Batman lore. Conroy’s voice is often described as the voice Batman fans hear as they read the comics.

Before his passing, Conroy was able to share his own story and connection to the Caped Crusader in “Finding Batman,” the last story of DC Pride 2022. Like Batman, Conroy found purpose in pain and became a hero in his own right.

Adebayo Saves Peacemaker

HBO Max’s Peacemaker was an irreverent exploration of Peacemaker’s story, the patriotic member of Task Force X first seen in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad (2021).

In addition to that addictive dance number intro, Gunn’s TV series confronted the ethics of a team such as Task Force X. The journey toward redemption for a would-be hero like Peacemaker is certainly not straightforward, but over time it all works out. By the series’ end, Leota Adebayo, the daughter of Amanda Waller herself, leads the way in exposing Waller’s dangerous programs as well as saving Peacemaker’s public image.

DC Cancels Batgirl Film

And finally, one of the most shocking developments to come from DC this year was Batgirl’s cancellation. The movie would have starred Leslie Grace as Barbara Gordon and Brendan Fraser as Firefly. This cancellation ushered in a series of changes within DC’s entertainment branch.

The biggest change was James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy, The Suicide Squad) and Peter Safran being hired to co-lead the new DC Studios. They announced they are planning a whole new DC lineup, which means Superman’s cameo at the end of Black Adam will remain just a cameo for the time being. In addition, plans for Wonder Woman 3 were halted. Gunn has stated more updates will come in 2023.

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