Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett Episode 5 Review

In last week’s chapter of Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett™, the Pyke Syndicate™ continued its quiet takeover of Tatooine™. Boba Fett™, in an effort to gain control of his new empire, struck a shaky deal with the Mos Eisley™ crime families. They agreed to remain neutral if the Pyke situation escalates.

After the meeting, Boba and Fennec Shand™ discussed their need for muscle in the upcoming war. Fennec hints that she has someone in mind. This week’s episode, “Chapter 5: Return of the Mandalorian, revisits the Star Wars figure whose journey reignited the Mandalorian™ way.

Heads Will Roll

The fifth episode opens with the Mandalorian™ walking into a Klatooinian™ butcher facility. Din Djarin™ makes his way through hanging carcasses toward a curtained entrance in the back. He approaches the table within and announces that he’s looking for Kaba Baiz™. When the Klatooinian in charge attempts to swindle Mando™, the bounty hunter announces he will collect Kaba dead or alive.

A skirmish ensues, and Din breaks out the Darksaber™. The coveted Mandalorian weapon makes quick work of the gang, though Din accidentally injures his own leg during the fight.

Dead Ringer

On a Ring World named Glavis™, Din brings Kaba’s head to the client. While the client tries to convince the Mandalorian to join their penthouse feast, Din is only interested in information. He’s looking for a way to the substrata of the Ring World. Finally, the client reveals he will find an access shaft in Kolzoc Alley™.

Din uses his helmet’s scanner to locate a door marked with a Mythosaur™ signet. Once inside, he limps his way across a treacherous passageway. At the end of the substrata passage, Din reaches the Armorer™ before collapsing. The Armorer orders Paz Vizsla™ to assist Din.

The Night of a Thousand Tears

As Din recovers and speaks with the Armorer, we get a deeper understanding of Mandalore’s™ tragic past. The Armorer points out that the Empire may have wrought terror for 30 years, but the Mandalorian culture has existed for 10,000 years. She questions Din about the Darksaber and how he attained the important relic. A thousand years ago, the Darksaber was forged by Tarre Vizsla™, a Mandalorian Jedi™. According to Mandalorian history, the Darksaber can be a tool of salvation for Mandalore if it is wielded by someone who wins it through combat. Otherwise, a Darksaber that’s wielded by an undeserving warrior will herald the fall of Mandalore. When prompted, Din asserts that he won the Darksaber in battle against Moff Gideon™.

Din asks the Armorer whether she knows Bo-Katan Kryze™. The Armorer sneers that Bo-Katan is a cautionary tale. She and her family, unworthy wielders of the Darksaber, brought ruin upon Mandalore. Under their leadership, the Night of a Thousand Tears™ happened. This Mandalorian genocide, at the hands of the Empire, caused their entire homeworld to be lost. Aside from a few individuals such as Bo-Katan who escaped, only a group of orthodox Mandalorians, the Children of the Watch, survived the Purge because they had been exiled to the moon of Concordia™. The Armorer views this horrific event as proof that only her way is the right way. And if the tales of Star Wars™ have taught us anything, it’s that a strict ideology always leads to suffering.

Solus. T’ahd. Ehn. Cuir.

While the Armorer is recounting the history of Mandalore, she is also handling Din’s beskar™ spear. Beskar, the renowned Mandalorian steel, provides protection against blasters and most weapons. Except, as the Armorer reveals, beskar itself. The spear is capable of piercing Mandalorian armor. She reminds him that Mandalorian steel is meant for armor, not weapons.

The spear was a gift to Din Djarin from Ahsoka Tano™, who had taken it from Magistrate Morgan Elsbeth™ when she defeated her on Corvus™. Din relinquishes the spear but asks the Armorer to forge something for a foundling. Even from under Din’s ever-present helmet, there’s tenderness in his speech and body language. The Armor reminds him that the Jedi forego all attachment, the opposite of the Mandalorian way of solidarity. Still, she forges a gift for Grogu™ from the beskar spear, wrapping the item in a bundle that evokes the foundling’s signature floppy ears. Then, Din’s training begins.

Mandalorian No More

During training with the Armorer, Din struggles to handle the Darksaber. Though his weapon is extremely powerful, the Armorer cuts him down with ease. She advises Din that he must not fight against the blade, ambiguous words that don’t seem to help him as he continues to falter. Despite this, he keeps getting up, even when the Armorer tells him, “Persistence without insight will lead to the same outcome.”

From the shadows, Paz Vizsla reappears and challenges Din to combat for ownership of the Darksaber. Paz reminds him that the weapon is rightfully his as a member of the House Vizsla. Din accepts the challenge and they discard their jetpacks. Through brute strength, Paz nearly defeats Din, but at the last second Din manages to bring Paz’s own dagger against his throat. The Armorer calls for the duel to end and she invokes the sacred principle of the Creed, that no Mandalorian ever removes their helmet.

Paz repeats the vow instantly, but Din hesitates. His indecision is palpable; he could lie, and neither Paz nor the Armorer would know. But that would deem him undeserving, so he confesses that he has removed his helmet. The Armorer denies any hope of Din redeeming himself as a Mandalorian, and he leaves Glavis aboard a commercial flight to Tatooine. On the ship, a Rodian™ child turns around in their seat to wave at Din, and he is reminded of Grogu and his greater purpose.

Faster than a Fathier

Back in Mos Eisley™, Din visits Peli Motto’s™ junkyard since she had apparently messaged him about a Razor Crest™ replacement. The replacement for the bounty hunter’s ship turns out to be a half-restored, shabby-looking N-1 Starfighter™. Din is less than amused and prepares to leave. She assures him that the pre-Empire ship is off the grid, can receive custom modifications, and is capable of jumping to hyperspace without a docking ring. After a lot of negotiation, Din decides to take Peli up on her offer.

Peli and Din restore the starfighter, which is the same model used by the Royal Guard of Naboo™, with the help of Peli’s ragtag droid crew and a couple of Jawas™ who brazenly steal from Pyke ships. There’s also a BD droid™ who’s especially helpful, a droid type that was last seen with Cal Kestis™ in the video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order™.

Once the starfighter is complete, Din takes it for a test drive through Beggar’s Canyon™. After he ascends to space, zooming past a commercial ship, he is flagged down by two New Republic pilots. They inform Din that he flew too fast next to the ship and that his starfighter is without a beacon. One of the pilots, Captain Carson Teva™, recognizes Din’s voice from their previous interactions, and lets the Mandalorian go. When Din returns to Peli’s hangar, Fennec is there to recruit him. Din accepts the offer but lets Fennec know he must first visit a little friend.

Will Din Djarin be able to visit Grogu? And have we seen the last of the Armorer and Paz Vizsla? This episode created just as many questions as it answered, and with only two chapters left, the Mandalorian way continues to challenge both Din and Boba.

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