Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett Episode 6 Review

The war on Tatooine™ continues to ramp up in the latest installment of Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett™. Chapter 6, “From the Desert Comes a Stranger,” brings back old friends and enemies alike from across a galaxy far, far away.

The episode asks these characters to choose a side before The Book of Boba Fett finale premieres on February 9, 2022. Read our recap and review below to determine where you think everyone will stand — and who will be left standing — next week.

Cobb Vanth™

“From the Desert Comes a Stranger” opens in the Mos Pelgo™ territory. There, Marshal Cobb Vanth interrupts a spice deal. He makes it clear the Pyke Syndicate’s™ business is wholly unwelcome in his town. Then, he forces the Pyke representative to retreat with the coins they made from the transaction — but not with the spice. Presented with a full chest of the golden powder that could make Cobb Vanth a very, very wealthy man, he simply kicks it over and lets it disappear into the wind. We’ll tip our hats to that.

Yavin 4™

Last week the Mandalorian™ promised to fight against the Pykes. However, he had to make a stop first. Our first scene with Din Djarin™ in Chapter 6 starts in space as he flies to Yavin 4. If you recall, Yavin 4 is a moon on which the Rebel Alliance once consolidated its forces. Now, it’s where Luke Skywalker™ has decided to begin his Jedi Academy™.

Upon landing, the Mandalorian is greeted by the familiar droid R2-D2™. Despite his mistrust of droids, the Mandalorian treats Luke’s old pal with respect, and R2-D2 brings Mando to a clearing farther into the forest. There they see the stone foundation of Luke’s Jedi school. After they watch a bit of its construction by a colony of ant droids, the Mandalorian is urged to wait, and he sits impatiently on a bench while we cut to who he’s waiting for.

Jedi Training

We know Luke has been training Grogu™ all this time, but it’s absolutely wonderful to be able to witness it ourselves. In this sweet scene, Grogu can’t concentrate on his meditation. Instead, he’s distracted by the one-eyed frog hopping past him, because like many creatures, Grogu is rather food-motivated.

When Luke notices Grogu’s lapse, he reprimands the little fellow. But Luke isn’t immune to the kid’s coos. Luke uses the Force to lift up an entire group of frogs, then promptly drops them and asks Grogu to join him on a walk. What follows is a Dagobah™-reminiscent montage, plus a glimpse into Grogu’s harrowing last night at the Jedi Temple during Order 66.

Ahsoka Tano™

Meanwhile, the Mandalorian is joined by Ahsoka Tano. She calls herself an old friend of the family — referring to her Padawan™ days with Anakin Skywalker™ — after the Mandalorian inquires why she’s there. Then, she takes Mando to see Grogu, though only from afar.

Eventually Ahsoka convinces the Mandalorian not to interfere with Grogu’s quest to become a Jedi. Yet she still accepts the Mandalorian’s wrapped-up gift for the Child, later entrusting it to Luke as he continues Grogu’s lessons.

Gathering Forces

Back on Tatooine, Boba Fett™ holds council in his palace. He has his Mod squad, Black Krrsantan™, and the ever-vigilant Fennec Shand™. As she gives the “prepare for war” speech, the Mandalorian enters to listen in.

Still, the room feels empty. Boba Fett lacks allies. He needs the necessary strength by numbers to maintain control over Mos Espa™. Fennec agrees, suggesting they find more foot soldiers. The Mandalorian thankfully has a quick solution to that problem.


Fast friends Cobb Vanth and the Mandalorian are reunited in Mos Pelgo — renamed Freetown by the denizens of the liberated territory. Now free from the krayt dragon’s terror, these people live hard but peaceful lives.

The Mandalorian knows how difficult it will be to convince them to fight. Recognizing it’s a huge favor to ask, he buys Cobb Vanth a drink and implores him to consider his stance before Freetown is caught up in the Pyke’s dangerous game.

Cad Bane™

Unfortunately, the Mandalorian leaves with Cobb Vanth seemingly undecided. The Marshal calls a town meeting, though it’s unclear whether he’ll be making it to his evening commitment because, as the episode’s title suggests, a stranger appears from the desert — in typical Wild West fashion, no less.

Although the stranger never gives his name, fans of The Clone Wars™ will recognize this rough, tough bounty hunter as the infamous Cad Bane. His quick draw showdown with Cobb Vanth results in a dead deputy and a wounded marshal. Will this force Freetown into submission, or inspire them to rise up against the oppressive Pykes?

Sanctuary No More

It wouldn’t be the penultimate episode without an explosive cliffhanger. Literally. Although it sounds like a bad joke, two Pykes walk into a bar … Garsa Fwip’s™ Sanctuary, to be exact. There they refuse to order. They lounge about, and then promptly leave without their belongings.

A poor protocol droid, polite as ever, endeavors to return the Pykes’ camtono. Garsa realizes far too late that it’s a bomb, and it detonates with all of the patrons still inside.

Master Yoda’s™ Lightsaber

“From the Desert Comes a Stranger” ends on Yavin 4. Luke Skywalker and Grogu sit together on the floor of the newly constructed Jedi Academy. A red mat lays between them. A narrow beam of light shines upon the pair. It’s a very ritualistic environment, setting the scene for the biggest moment in the episode.

Luke Skywalker proceeds to unwrap the Mandalorian’s gift: beskar™ chainmail custom made by the Armorer™ for Grogu. Luke also presents Yoda’s lightsaber. Now, Grogu must choose between forsaking attachments to become a Jedi or joining his adoptive father as a Mandalorian foundling. We end on the child’s wide eyes as he contemplates his uncertain future.

Next week’s episode, the last chapter, will undoubtedly provide answers to the many cliffhangers of Chapter 6. Will Boba’s desert empire prevail or will it be crushed by the hand of the Pyke Syndicate?

What was your favorite moment from this week’s Star Wars: Book of Boba Fett episode? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!