Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett Episode 7 Review

This week, the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy returns front and center to The Book of Boba Fett™. For the last two episodes, the Mandalorian™ has been a prominent fixture of the story. But now, Boba Fett™ returns to the helm as the conflict in Mos Espa™ is reaching its conclusion. Old allies and new enemies converge on the desert city and only one side can win control.

After the explosive events of last week, “Chapter 7: In the Name of Honor” had cliffhangers to resolve and a war to finish. The final chapter of this season also raises an important question for Star Wars fans: Is Boba a hero or not?

“We are at war.”

Boba Fett and Fennec Shand™ survey the charred rubble of The Sanctuary. The night before, the Pyke Syndicate orchestrated an explosion that seems to have killed everyone inside, including the bar’s owner, Garsa Fwip™. Fennec tells Boba, “We are at war.”

Din Djarin™ arrives to share that Cobb Vanth’s™ Freetown forces are raising a garrison to help fight against the Pykes™. Cobb’s services are offered for free, on the condition that the spice trade on Tatooine™ is shut down once and for all. Though Fennec raises her concerns, since spice is extremely lucrative, Boba agrees to the proposal.

As they decide where to stay while reinforcements arrive, the group has two choices. They can retreat to Jabba the Hutt’s™ palace or remain in the city. Drash™ and Skad™ of the Mod squad convince Boba to stay in Mos Espa, defending the people whom he seeks to rule.

On the X-Wings of a Jedi

Meanwhile, in a meeting between the head of the Pyke Syndicate, Mayor Mok Shaiz™, and Cad Bane™, it is revealed that the Pykes were behind the massacre of the Tusken Raider™ tribe that had rescued Boba. Cad then leaves to confront Boba back in the city.

Over at Peli Motto’s™ garage, an X-Wing™ driven by R2-D2™ drops in carrying some precious cargo — Grogu™!

Peli is overjoyed to see him, and quickly sets off to get him some food and reunite him with Mando. Luke Skywalker’s™ astromech is left behind protesting with his familiar beeps and boops.

A City Divided

While their forces assemble across the city, Fennec explains the plan. Patrols in various Mos Espa sectors will be established so that whenever the Pyke army arrives, the Fett forces will be the first to know. The Gamorrean™ guards are in Klatooinian™ territory at the starport, Krrsantan™ is posted outside City Hall in the Trandoshan™ municipality, and the Mod squad is covering the Worker’s District in the Aqualish™ Quarter.

Of course, even the bast laid plans can fall apart faster than an unauthorized Naboo starfighter™ jumping into hyperspace — which is exactly what happens. Each of the crime families ambushes the Fett forces, catching them off guard and forcing a retreat. At the same time, Cad Bane arrives in Mos Espa to confront Boba.

The assassin attempts to provoke Boba with the news of the Tusken tribe massacre. He challenges Boba to a duel, and Fennec advises him that they only need to fight on their terms, not those of the enemy. Boba tells Cad Bane that negotiations with the Pykes are terminated and as he departs, Bane tells Boba that he’s losing his edge.

Aggressive Negotiations

As control of Mos Espa quickly slips from their grasp, Fennec leaves for Mos Eisley™ to find the Pykes’ headquarters — after a quick pit stop to rescue the Mod squad. Back at The Sanctuary, the Mandalorian reassures Boba that he will not leave him to fend for himself, as that is not the Way, and Boba pledges to defend the city with honor rather than retreat offworld.

The two bounty hunters use the Mayor’s groveling Majordomo as a distraction to the advancing Pykes. While the Majordomo reads a fake treaty from a tablet, Boba and Din begin a wild attack from above in a flurry of jetpacks, missiles, and blaster shots. Just when it seems the Pykes might overpower the two Mandalorians, reinforcement arrives from Freetown and the rest of Boba’s team.

Father and Child Reunion

For a minute, it seems as if the Pykes are defeated. The streets ae clear and an eerie silence falls. Suddenly, two massive battle droids appear and they’re dangerously similar to the droidekas™ of the Trade Federation™. These Scorpenek™ droids, however, are as tall as buildings and their defense shields are impenetrable to every weapon, even Mando’s Darksaber™.

Boba orders a retreat. The group splits up into two to try to mitigate the Scorpenek attack, with Din and Boba facing their own droid and everyone else fleeing from the other. In the heat of battle, Peli Motto drops in and finally Mando and Grogu are reunited. The reunion is heartfelt but quick as they must continue to evade the unstoppable Scorpeneks.

As the frightened citizens peer out from the windows, a ground-shaking roar is heard. Boba returns atop his rancor™ and the ferocious creature is able to finally break through the Scorpenek’s barrier. With the last of its energy, the droid is about to impale Mando before Grogu toddles into the battle. He uses the Force to stall the droid long enough for the rancor to finish the job and assist in destroying the other Scorpenek as well.

“Anything else is weakness.”

This reprieve from battle is short lived because Cad Bane returns to challenge Boba yet again. He is able to drive off the rancor using his flamethrower, leaving Boba alone to fight the assassin. At this point, Cad Bane asks Boba a question that mirrors what audiences have been asking all along: “What’s your angle?”

He can’t understand this new weakness in Boba Fett. Before, Boba Fett was a figure never to be crossed unless someone had a death wish. But now, in Cad’s eyes, Boba has forgotten the rule to only look out for yourself and nobody else. Right when Cad is about to deal the final shot, Boba strikes with his gaffi stick™. He quickly gains the upper hand and there’s a moment of hesitation for Boba. Does he show mercy, as he has throughout the series, or kill?

Cad Bane’s last words are, “I knew you were a killer.”

“If not us, then who?”

On the other end of the city, the rancor is frightened and raging across the rooftops. Mando attempts to ride the creature and control it, but only succeeds in getting tossed around like a womp rat. In its fury, the rancor pursues Mando and tries to eat him but, once again, Grogu intervenes. He approaches the angry giant and uses the Force to calm the rancor into a deep sleep, recalling his swamp frog lesson with Luke back on Yavin 4™.

As all the battles in Mos Espa are ending, we see Fennec in Mos Eisley. She infiltrates the Desert Survey Office and, one by one, effortlessly assassinates the heads of the crime families, the Mayor, and finally the head of the Pyke Syndicate.

Later, Boba and Fennec walk through the streets. The scene is completely the opposite from when they first visited the city — now, rather than disdain, they are met with adoration. Boba expresses his uncertainty of ruling over Mos Espa but Fennec asks, “If not us, then who?” As the new rulers and their team convene, a starfighter leaves the Tatooine atmosphere. Inside, Mando and Grogu head into hyperspace.

In the second post-credits scene, Thundercat returns as the Modifier. He stands over a bacta tank™ occupied by Cobb Vanth. It would appear that we might not have seen the last of the Marshal.

The whole episode was filled with a series of close calls, only for our protagonists to be saved at the last second by a trusted ally. But this Star Wars series challenged audiences’ perceptions of characters who were formerly outlaws, villains, and killers. Can a character be so completely redeemed and, for that matter, should they?

In the original trilogy, Boba Fett was a ruthless hired hand. During his own series, we saw him grow close to a tribe of Tusken Raiders, assemble a trusted squadron of allies, and occasionally spare former enemies. His connection to the Tuskens even saved him in his duel with Cad Bane. This last episode allowed Boba to continue to forge his new family and new empire, while also showing that he hasn’t completely lost his killer instincts. Given more time, what will his Mos Espa empire become?

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