Boos on a Budget: Halloween Decor Under $150

Are your holiday decorations a little bare-bones this year? Are your ghouls missing their signature grins? Spruce up your haunted house with Halloween decoration recommendations from — with the added bonus of no weeping wallets!

Whether you prefer cute over creepy or you’re hoping to deck the gravestones with grittier horror statues, this list has you covered. Find collectibles below to fit everyone’s budget and fandom.

$50 and below

Ghostbear Designer Collectible Toy ($30)

Add some bearanormal activity to your holiday with the Ghostbear x Unruly Designer Collectible Toy by Munky King and Luke Cheuh. The most economical option on this list, Ghostbear is an adorable 2.5″ tall toy that’s ready to haunt your home or office desk and save you some space — as well as some change.

Skull Kisses of Death Mostly Evil Vinyl Collectible ($30)

Kiss the cook! Or the candymaker. Unwrap all the fright and delight with the Skull Kisses of Death Mostly Evil Vinyl Collectible by Dead Zebra and Andrew Bell.

Elvira Mistress of the Dark Book ($39.99)

Every inch of your haunted home deserves spooky decor. Give your coffee table a little (pumpkin) spice and your costumed guests something to flip through with the Elvira Mistress of the Dark Book by Tweeterhead.

Kill Kat Vinyl Collectible ($40)

For fans with a sweet tooth, try this hilarious Kill Kat Vinyl Collectible by Dead Zebra and Andrew Bell, guaranteed to bring smiles to your killer kitchen.

The Court of the Dead Skull Apple Rotten Version ($50)

Invite your Halloween guests to help in kitchen and give them a healthy treat from the fruit basket … but be sure they don’t bite into this Court of the Dead Skull Apple (Rotten Version) by Sideshow.

$51 to $100

Mayor Figurine ($55)

Bring the boo-reaucracy of Disney’s Halloween Town home with the Mayor Figurine by Enesco, LLC!

Candy Cornelius (Bleeding Heart) Vinyl Collectible ($65)

Valentine’s Day and Halloween have equal potential for chest wounds. Celebrate your love for both holidays with the Candy Cornelius (Bleeding Heart) Vinyl Collectible by 3D Retro.

The Walking Dead: The Pop-Up Book ($65)

Perhaps you prefer your horror more in your face? Immerse yourself in the world of The Walking Dead with the The Walking Dead: The Pop-Up Book by Insight Editions.

Gizmo Prop Replica ($79.99)

Now this decoration also makes for a great cuddle buddy. Adopt the Gizmo Prop Replica by Trick or Treat Studios today — but review the three rules first!

Guru del Toro Designer Collectible Toy ($80)

He’s the king of modern movie monsters! Put the Guru del Toro: Maestro of Monsters Designer Collectible Toy by Chogrin on your entertainment stand as a testament to this legendary director.

Marvel One Scoops Designer Collectible Toys ($85 each)

If you like a bit more hands-on creativity with your Halloween decorations, grab the Marvel One Scoops Designer Collectible Toys by Erik Scoggan. Ghost Rider and Deadpool are severed at the wrist, but we encourage you to give your collection two thumbs up instead.

Guggimon Chop Chop Designer Collectible Toy ($90)

Charged by the blood of the innocent (and a lil sunlight), the Guggimon Chop Chop “Lights Out” Designer Collectible Toy by Superplastic, when placed on your nightstand, will be a gruesome guardian and night light.

Court-Toons Collectible Statue Set ($99)

With the Kier, Relic Ravlatch, & Malavestros: Court-Toons Collectible Statue Set by Sideshow and Jie Peng, the decoration possibilities are endless. Will they have their own little scene straight out of Illverness, or will they coexist with your other spooky collectibles for an unforgettable crossover?

Mictlan Designer Collectible Toy ($100)

The Aztec God of Death has returned from the underworld to delight and terrify as the Mictlan ‘Unruly Variant’ Designer Collectible Toy by Jesse Hernandez.

$101 to $150

Unruly Monsters ($115 each)

Don’t get scared by their names and classic monster appearances — these Unruly Monster Designer Collectible Toys by Erik Scoggan are perfectly sized and ready to add adorable Halloween horror vibes to any house. Collect Bat Brain, Fur Ball, and Fish Face separately — but you probably don’t want to keep them apart!

Tom and Jerry (Devil Version) Bust ($119)

Care for a game of cat-and-mouse? Put a devilish spin on your decorations with the Tom and Jerry (Devil Version) Bust by Soap Studio.

Gone Fishin’ Designer Collectible Toy ($125)

Is this little fella fishing for some deep inner truth? Pair the Gone Fishin’ Designer Collectible Toy by T. Wei with more water or make a graceful graveyard for a nice night of contemplation on All Hallow’s Eve.

DC Calavera Designer Collectible Toys ($125 each)

The DC Comics Calavera Designer Collectible Toys by Jose Pulido shines bright in vibrant Día de Los Muertos style. Gear up for spooky season in Gotham City with Batman, The Joker, and Harley Quinn, sold separately.

Court of the Dead Faction Candle Statue Set ($125)

The Lighter Side of Darkness: Faction Candle Statue Set by Sideshow has GLOWING reviews from all mourners, whether you’re Bone, Flesh, or Spirit faction. Personalize your decorations by representing your own Court of the Dead faction, and light your way to an Underworld united when you display them all.

Dragonstone Gate Bookends ($125)

The Dragonstone Gate Bookends by Dark Horse Comics can hold your scary movies, your Game of Thrones DVDs, or your horror novels. With their snarling teeth, no one dares disturb your collection!

King Kill Kat – Matcha Snake Venom Designer Collectible Toy ($129)

Looking for a different color palette than the classic orange and black? With the King Kill Kat – Matcha Snake Venom Vinyl Collectible by Dead Zebra and Andrew Bell, green is the new Halloween scheme.

How do you use your fandom to decorate for Halloween? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!