Can you guess these horror movies from innocent sounding plot descriptions?

“Do you want to play a game?”

It’s time for a horror-themed version of our favorite movie guessing game! Remove the violent stalkers, cruel abusers, mental illness, and hopeless victims from horror flicks and what do you get? The ultimate game of plot twists! See if you can guess these horror movies from their innocent sounding plot descriptions.

1. A nuclear family spend the winter at a fancy resort, where the son discovers he possesses a unique talent.

2. An unpopular high school girl dreams of going to prom, and it turns out to be a life-changing experience after she gets herself out of a sticky situation.

3. After a long departure a young man finally returns to his quiet hometown on his favorite holiday.

4. A couple of avid cinephiles make a few prank phone calls that ultimately lead to them celebrating the closure of a high school.

5. A successful author is inspired to write the ultimate fan-fiction after a heroic rescue.

6. A close knit group of explorers experience a huge breakthrough while returning from their latest mission.

7. A young man with disabilities but limitless ambition rises above his fears and finds redemption on his own terms.

8. A woman discovers the joys of motherhood and learning how to roll with the punches of being a parent.

9. After rescuing a stray dog, a group of scientists learn to think as one as the animal slowly grows on them.

10. A low level employee gains the notoriety he deserves in his town after coming back from a tragic accident.

Ok, your turn! Write a misleading plot description for a horror favorite, and see if others can guess the reference.