Tweeterhead is bringing us more of The Munsters!

With a catchy surfadelic theme song and supernatural sense of humor, in 1964 The Munsters introduced America to the loveable spooky suburban family from 1313 Mockingbird Lane. Now, more than 50 years later, Tweeterhead has set out to recapture the magic of The Munsters with an incredible collection of sixth scale maquettes.

Bringing the beloved TV family back together again, so far the lineup includes Herman, Lily, Eddie, and the ‘Nevermore’ clock, with Marilyn and Grandpa on the way. We caught up with President of Tweeterhead, Chad Colebank to see what’s in store for the Tweeterhead Munsters collection…

Thanks for taking the time, Chad! Everything Tweeterhead creates seems like it comes from a special place of nostalgia, is that true for The Munsters as well? What was it about the show that first captivated you?

I grew up watching afternoon re-runs of The Munsters from 3-3:30 and the Batman ’66 series from 3:30-4. I would run home from school to see them both. I loved everything about The Munsters. They had everything… cool cars, great characters and to this day, I believe the best home of any TV family. The show was funny, charming and just touched on everything I loved.

Can you give some insight on process of designing the collection? What are some of the fun or special details you included when designing these maquettes that true fans will appreciate most?

We designed everything to work together, so a diorama of sorts is what we are creating. It’s hard to know when to stop!

With everything we do, we want to see as much reference as possible. For The Munsters I was incredibly lucky to have a friend who is the ultimate Munster collector. He has tens of thousands of photos, and owns a lot of the props, including Grandpa’s Electric Chair. Our Eddie Maquette (shown below) includes the TV set, and we actually found the original set to recreate down to the last detail. We were able to see Lily’s necklace in person and find the proper Swarovski Crystals to use for the eyes in her necklace. Little things like that have been so much fun.

As for special details, being able to include all of the pets was part our plan from the beginning. I LOVE the “Nevermore” Clock, which includes the ‘cuckoo bird’ raven and Spot the dragon. Reclining on Eddie’s television set is the black cat who could roar like a lion, and when Grandpa is released, he will be accompanied by Igor the bat.


Would you like to give a little shout out to your sculptor Trevor Grove, and the team who worked on these pieces?

Of course, I can’t say enough about Trevor’s talents and more so his friendship. He is such a nice, humble person and a great friend. I really don’t feel I would be where I am without all the people with work with me.

David Fisher, who paints all of our prototypes is INCREDIBLE and puts up with a lot from me. Also deserving a shout out are Mike Allen, Jason Wires, Mike Cusanelli, Matt Black and Jean St. Jean. I seriously couldn’t do this without all of them.

With Grandpa and Marilyn coming soon, describe how they will complete the set and display with the rest of the family? Can you share any in progress images or teasers of these pieces?

Marilyn was designed to go with the “Nevermore” piece. She is standing holding Spot’s collar and so far she is looking really cute – take a look!

Grandpa will be the last piece we release and he is going to be a deluxe for sure. He will be sitting in his electric chair, with his cigar reading Playghoul Magazine. As a separate piece, we’re also working on a wall that will have the activation switch for the chair. This piece has already begun and it’s looking amazing.

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