Can you guess these 10 movies from their misleading plot descriptions?

This is our new favorite game – see if you can guess these popular movies from misleading plot descriptions. And…go!

1. An intergalactic terrorist seeks revenge by hitchhiking a ride with a religious fanatic and a smuggler.

2. A man with a hammer needs to team up with five other people to help him beat up his little brother.

3. A boy whose only friend is an eccentric neighbor must shun his mother’s affection or he will cease to exist.

4. A student uses a powerful device to do her homework, save her friend’s pet and an escaped convict.

5. An intrepid father and son go looking for religious dinnerware and run into Hitler along the way.

6. A ragtag team of misfits takes a very long walk to destroy a piece of jewelry.

7. A naked time traveler with an endless supply of one liners becomes the ultimate babysitter.

8. An orphan torn between his home and heritage realizes he must condemn an entire race.

9. A rich kid opens a school for special needs, where none of the staff have any teaching qualifications.

10. A whip-wielding vigilante with a death wish confronts two feuding orphans, all wearing animal costumes.

Ok, your turn! Write a misleading plot description, and see if others can guess the reference.