Catch Up on Some Sideshow Comic-Con 2017 Livestreams

Did you know that we’ve been livestreaming booth tours and product spotlights all weekend long?  We stream to Periscope, Instagram Live, Facebook, and Youtube, and you can see our replays on Youtube after the stream has ended.  Here are some of the Sideshow Live weekend highlights!

The Star Wars collectible Obi-Wan Kenobi Mythos Sixth Scale Figure Reveal

DC Product Highlights

The Entire Hot Toys Collection on Display- CLOSER LOOK

Marvel Product Highlights

Aliens, Masters of the Universe, and More

Star Wars Product Highlights

For even more Sideshow Live action, check out our Youtube channel for full replays, or tune in live on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube whenever we go live!  We’ll make announcements on social media before each stream, so keep an eye out.