Catch Up on the Best Quotes from The Last Jedi Panel

All eyes were turned to Star Wars Celebration Orlando’s exciting The Last Jedi panel on Friday as fans hoped to hear more about the eagerly-awaited eighth addition to the epic Star Wars™ saga.  While most were on the edge of their seats waiting for the teaser trailer to drop, there was an hour of awesome discussion with the director and cast leading up to the exciting reveal.

The panel was moderated by the hilarious Josh Gad, who is a Star Wars superfan in his own right. Recently, he has been seen trying to sneak movie secrets out of Daisy Ridley in an entertaining Instagram series.  At the panel, he moderated discussion and tried to break Daisy’s resolve (and NDA contracts) just a few more times.  While we couldn’t get all the secrets, the Star Wars cast did give some tantalizing details and shared very funny conversation about the film process.  Here are some of the best quotes from the panel!

“Who doesn’t know their own last name? Could you imagine if I went up to you and said, ‘My entire name is Josh, good to meet you.’  Are you like the Madonna of Jakku?”–Josh Gad, on whether Rey has a last name or not

“He is in recovery, but he will be back in The Last Jedi, and he’s not playing this time.” –John Boyega, on Finn’s return on Ep. VIII

“Rey has a certain expectation as to what she might be getting from Luke and what that might entail, and as a lot of people know, it’s quite difficult when you meet your heroes because it might not be what you expect.” –Daisy Ridley, on Rey’s story in The Last Jedi

“Bweep boop bwoh.” –BB-8™, on working with director Rian Johnson

“I thought when you were in the forest and the lightsaber jiggled in the snow, I said, ‘Okay, here I am!’ And it flies into the hands of… REY?! She didn’t even do any training!” –Mark Hamill, on when he thought he would appear in Ep. VII

“It’s good to be home.” –John Boyega, on coming back to Star Wars after being apart from the cast while filming Pacific Rim 2

“I told them I was doing an indie movie in Canada.  At one point I actually got some maple syrup, so I could bring it back to them so they thought I was really in Canada.” –Kelly Marie Tran, a new cast member, on trying to keep her role as Rose secret from her family

“[Luke] is so significantly important to this next film, you have no idea.” –Kathleen Kennedy, on Luke Skywalker™ and Mark Hamill’s modesty

“I look down and I see Olaf, I see Wonder Woman, I see God, I see my da- I mean my colleague Daisy, my son.” –Mark Hamill, teasing fans about the other members of the panel (Josh Gad, Kathleen Kennedy, Rian Johnson, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega).  Oh no he didn’t!

Okay, if we weren’t already excited enough, this panel has made us so ready for December, when Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters.

If you missed The Last Jedi panel, video of the event feed is available on the Star Wars Youtube channel so you can catch up on all the fun.  And when you’ve taken a break from rewatching that epic teaser for the tenth time, Sideshow has plenty of awesome Star Wars products to keep your collection strong with the Force.  Check out our Star Wars Collectible figures and statues.