Josh Gad is determined to get Star Wars: The Last Jedi details out of Daisy Ridley

Like so many Star Wars fans, actor Josh Gad is just dying to know more details on Episode VIII or, as we’re now calling it, Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Gad is currently filming Murder On The Orient Express with Daisy Ridley and he’s done his level best to pry details out of Daisy, but she’s kept things pretty zipped up.

Not that Gad hasn’t tried multiple tactics and elicited the help of several of his co-stars, including Dame Judi Dench!

It all started casually enough. Gad invited Ridley to his trailer for a “chat” and the next thing she knew, she was under interrogation.

While Ridley kept mum about the details in this first encounter, Gad was undeterred.

Of course, Daisy was trained in the art of the NDA by Lucasfilm, so she’s not one to be tricked easily. Not that Gad didn’t give it his level best.

Thwarted again!

You’d think Gad would give up, but far from it. The next time he invited Daisy to his trailer, he brought out the big guns.

Dame Judi Dench.

We’ll bet you never thought you’d hear Dame Judi Dench ask probing questions about Star Wars (especially ones about character shipping), but the secrecy surrounding The Last Jedi has many fans speculating. Many fans.

As Daisy learned on his most recent visit to see Josh.

It’s hard to see who else Gad might enlist to get the details out of Daisy, but we’ll be keeping an eye on his Instagram feed for further developments.

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