Collector Community: Bounty Hunters and Mandalorians

There’s no one definitive way to be a fan of pop culture, and there are no rules for displaying all your favorite fandom collectibles. At Sideshow, we celebrate the passion of a global collector community, which is exactly why we wanted to see how you display your collectibles.

Sideshow’s incredible collector community has come together to share their love for all things Star Wars this week — especially Boba Fett™ and the other unsavory characters who have joined his infamous missions. The galaxy is full of mercenaries and bounty hunters who stick to the shadows, and there’s no better place to find them than Jabba the Hutt’s™ throne room.

With this week’s premiere of the Disney+ series Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett™, audiences can return to the one scene of many crimes. Jabba’s Tatooine™ palace is home to a slew of sinister figures such as Dengar™, Bossk™, and IG-88™. However, the grand prize of the crime lord’s throne room is the carbonite statue of Han Solo™, frozen in terror and pain until Leia Organa™ comes to rescue him.

While Boba might have engaged in some questionable past behavior like his father Jango Fett™ and the Death Watch, his present dealings with Fennec Shand™ err on the side of honorable. It would seem he is returning to the ways of the true Mandalorian™ warriors, such as Din Djarin™ and The Armorer.

On the other hand, there are those like Luke Skywalker™ who answer to a higher calling than money. The Jedi™ have always been the protectors of the galaxy, and with allies like Finn™ and Captain Rex™, they usually emerge victorious. Still, even those who start out on the right path can stray from time to time, as Kylo Ren™ knows all too well. The Force is balance and for every ray of light there is a shadow.

Here’s a small selection of some of our favorite displays shared by you, the fans!

If you want to participate in the collector community, we’d love for you to share photos of your favorite statuessixth scale figuresand collectibles. Check out our blog on How To Submit Photos for Sideshow’s Collector Community. Then, other fans across the globe can be inspired by your collection and display ideas- plus, you might find a new fandom friend!

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