Comin’ atcha! The Amazing Spider-Man Premium Format Figure will be swinging your way soon!

“Hey kids, don’t try this at home!”

Joining our immensely popular Marvel Premium Format™ Figure collection, Sideshow is proud to present the Amazing Spider-Man!


It seems there’s never a dull moment for Peter Parker when he puts on his iconic red and blue costume to become the Amazing Spider-Man! Everyone’s favorite high-flying, wise-cracking web-head is at it again – out to save the day in this fantastically sculpted gravity-defying composition.


The Amazing Spider-Man Premium Format Figure
The Amazing Spider-Man Premium Format Figure
The Amazing Spider-Man Premium Format Figure

Captured just moments away from certain doom, the acrobatic hero effortlessly launches himself above Green Goblin’s explosive pumpkin bombs and out of harm’s way.

Sideshow Exclusive Edition

Featuring an additional expressive swap out portrait (shown below), the sharp-eyed web-slinger locates his next target and takes aim.

A stunning tribute to his action-packed comic book legacy, this is the ultimate must-have for fans of Spider-Man!
Artist Credits

  • Ian MacDonald (Design)
  • Zac Roane (Design)
  • Martin Canale (Design, Sculpt)
  • Guillermo Barbiero (Sculpt)
  • Avinash Hegde (Sculpt)
  • Alfred Paredes (Sculpt)
  • Adam Smith (Mold & Cast)
  • Anthony Mestas (Paint)
  • Bernardo Esquivel (Paint)

The Exclusive and regular edition of the Amazing Spider-Man Premium Format™ Figure is over 25 inches high, weighs 20 pounds, and will be priced at $469.99, with optional payment plans available. Pre-orders begin this Thursday, May 21st!

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