Court of the Dead Launches New 9” Collectibles at San Diego Comic-Con

Sideshow is proud to announce a brand new collectible format addition to its original Court of the Dead collection: The Prestige Statuette. These 9-inch figurines offer an exciting, space-conscious means to collect Sideshow-level sculpted detail, nuanced expression and storytelling base environments.

Court of the Dead Prestige Statuettes

The Prestige Statuettes were developed with the renowned design studio Pure Arts. Founded in 2008 by Hugues Martel, Pure Arts is known for its video game collector figures from the Arkham series, Mortal Kombat, Shadow of War, Tekken, Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogs and Darksouls …just to name a few.

The introductory set features three linchpin characters in the Court of the Dead universe:

  • Xiall – Osteomancer’s Vision Prestige Statuette
  • Gethsemoni – Queen’s Conjuring Prestige Statuette
  • Kier – Valkyrie’s Revenge Prestige Statuette

These fierce and beautiful ladies are the respective leaders of the three Underworld factions: Bone (Xiall), Flesh (Gethsemoni), and Spirit (Kier).

At this smaller scale, we are able to realize a level of detail that is as strong as our larger formats, while accommodating smaller collection spaces,” says Tom Gilliland, Sideshow Chief Creative Officer and creator of the Court of the Dead. “What we’ve designed is akin to a miniature scene. Each Prestige Statuette includes secondary characters – creatures, familiars, and foes – that bring an added dimension to each scene.”

The storytelling ability of diminutive formats is one their most impactful traits,” he adds.

Stay tuned to Court of the Dead social media for more details on this brand new format.