Here’s What’s New with Hot Toys for San Diego Comic-Con 2017!

Every year, Hot Toys brings incredible product previews to San Diego Comic Con for movie, comic, and collectibles fans to enjoy.  Their characters range from Marvel to DC to Star Wars collectibles and more.

This year they’ve brought an exciting lineup that includes a celebration of 40 years of Star Wars, an incredible debut of sixth scale figures from the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok, and they have united the Justice League in anticipation of fall’s epic film release.  And these are only just a few of the countless displays they have arranged for Comic Con this year.

Start planning your shelf space now- here’s what Hot Toys has brought to SDCC 2017!

Be sure to stay tuned for more updates all weekend!  And check out Sideshow’s Online Comic-Con for all the latest news on previews and pre-orders.  For the Sideshow Booth tour, click HERE.