Critical Role Art Featuring Your Favorite NPCs!

NPCs, or non-playable characters — and the Gamemaster controlling them — are an essential part of every tabletop campaign. They make a world feel lived-in, challenge our heroes, and can even become just as beloved as the player characters under the right circumstances.

Whether it’s a fun character voice or a compelling backstory that sets them apart, good NPCs make a story more engaging from start to finish. Honor your favorite Exandrian supporting cast with Critical Role art featuring fan-favorite NPCs from Vox Machina, Mighty Nein, and Bells Hells.

Hands of Fate

While characters are propelled by quests and players are guided by dice rolls, it is ultimately the GM (or Gamemaster) whose influence moves the story in subtle and not so subtle ways. Within the world of Exandria, our bold heroes take charge of their destiny as they fight evil, seek truth, and grow stronger in their abilities. The Mighty Nein prove to be one of the ultimate found families, ushered together by that unseen force called fate. The Hands of Fate portrait pays homage to the magic of gameplay and the unpredictable nature of life. Tie your collection’s fate to your favorite heroes with the Mighty Nein Portrait Series (Set of 9 Art Prints) by Sam Hogg.

The Gamemaster

Most of the time, the players end their very long days at an inn or tavern. They toss back drinks, reminisce, and interact with various patrons and employees. It is the GM’s responsibility to play — nay, perform — all of those roles. From the drunkard in the corner to the perturbed citizen who will send the party toward their next quest, the Gamemaster brings each to life. So it’s only fair Critical Role’s GM gets a special shout-out in the bracelet-decorated hand raising a toast in the Mighty Nein: This is How We Roll Fine Art Print by Ian MacDonald.


Trinket the bear is Vex’ahlia’s animal companion. The twins Vex and Vax rescued the cub in their youth, and ever since then, Trinket and Vex have been nearly inseparable. He is a skilled hunter like his master, and very useful in a battle. How could he not be, with those big paws and that massive maw? Bring Trinket home in the Vex & Vax Art Print by Ian MacDonald.


While many benevolent deities exist throughout Exandria, it’s also true that there are evil-aligned entities that prey on feelings of hatred, helplessness, and vengeance. What Percival Fredrickstein von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III thought was a dream became a nightmare when the shadowy demon Orthax offered him a chance at revenge against the Briarwoods who killed his family — in the form of a pepperbox pistol. Immortalize this emotional moment that changed the course of technology in Tal’Dorei with the Percival de Rolo: Manifestation of the List Fine Art Print by Livia Prima.

Delilah Briarwood

Long ago, Laudna’s corpse was used as a warning against those who would seek to liberate Whitestone. Now, she’s back in action as the bubbly Bells Hells adventurer we know and love. However, Delilah Briarwood’s necromancy has left its mark — and a lingering voice — on the hollow one, illustrated in the Laudna: Strings Attached Fine Art Print by Couple of Kooks. This is a must-have for fans of this haunted heroine and the NPC villain who came before her.

Essek Thelyss

The Shadowhand of the Kryn Dynasty is a mysterious figure whose encounter with the Mighty Nein changes him fundamentally. From the moment he arrived, fans couldn’t get enough of his appearance, personality, or relationship with Caleb Widogast. Essek’s journey towards aiding our beloved heroes has cemented his status as one of Critical Role’s most beloved NPCs of all. Pursue the path of dunamancy with this spellcaster when you bring home the Essek Thelyss Fine Art Print by Minttu Hynninen.

Stormlord and Wildmother

Many members of the Mighty Nein are loyal to a special god or powerful patron. Jester, for instance, has the Traveler. Yasha and Fjord, respectively, are exemplars of the Stormlord and the Wildmother, two Exandrian deities whose domains govern the natural world. Both deities have offered comfort, challenge, and guidance to these warriors throughout their journeys. You can honor those mystical relationships with the Yasha Nydoorin: Champion of the Stormlord Fine Art Print by Robson Michel and the Fjord Refjorged Fine Art Print by Couple of Kooks.


From Shadycreek Run to the biting tundras of Eiselcross, these blood hunters march towards their definitive goal — to overtake your collection. Devilkin Lucien and the Tombtakers are part of a chilling campaign arc for the Mighty Nein, made all the more heartbreaking after the loss of Mollymauk Tealeaf. You know who they are. You love and fear them. Now you can bring them closer to glory when you add The Tombtakers: The Path to Cognouza Fine Art Print by Robson Michel to your walls.


We spy … a little orange cat amid an epic collage of heroes! Look closely at the Critical Role: Threads of Fate Art Print by Ian MacDonald and you’ll find Caleb Widogast’s faithful fey familiar. Pictured in his most beloved bengal cat form, Frumpkin is shown to be just as fierce and legendary as the 24 other adventurers in this piece. Find all the core heroes of Vox Machina, Mighty Nein, and Bells Hells (plus a few animal companions) in this epic composition celebrating over 8 years of Critical Role.

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