DC’s Creature Commandos Explained

Project M began in World War II with the goal of creating super soldiers. Instead, they created monsters — classic monsters, inspired by classic horrors like Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster. These fiendish creations banded together and became a team called the Creature Commandos. And with James Gunn’s recent DCU announcement, we’re about to meet these soldiers in a whole new way.

Some of the information that we have is based on our knowledge of James Gunn and his prior work with DC Comics-inspired projects. Other information about the Creature Commandos comes from comic books. However, since comic books change and grow, and origins can be re-written, it’s unclear exactly how the show will portray the Creature Commandos.

That said, this article will explore the few things that we know for certain about each of the characters confirmed for the upcoming series.

Rick Flag Sr.

We know that Rick Flag died in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, but there’s no telling what will happen when Rick Flag Sr. shows up on the scene. We know that the series will take place within the same universe, and we also know that Amanda Waller is behind the creation of this unique team.

Not unlike the Suicide Squad, the Creature Commandos are a group of monsters who deal with dangers unfit for the average soldier. And just like Rick Flag was trusted with the Suicide Squad, it seems that Rick Flag Sr. just might be trusted to lead the Creature Commandos.

Dr. Nina Mazursky

Dr. Pamela Isley mutated herself into Poison Ivy through unique and dangerous experiments with plants. However, she’s not the only creative and dangerous scientist. Dr. Nina Mazursky also did dangerous biological and genetic experiments on herself and, ultimately, she mutated into an amphibious creature.

In her new form, Dr. Mazursky gained abilities similar to the Gill-Man and a mermaid. Her overwhelming intelligence and ability to mutate humans helped her create the Creature Commandos, innately tying her to the formation of the team.

Dr. Phosphorus

Dr. Phosphorus is best known as a Batman villain. After a terrible accident, he gained the ability to manipulate radiation. His skin releases toxins, and his very touch burns like the most dangerous acids. It’s clear his character design as well as his abilities were an inspiration for the popular Batman Beyond villain called Blight.

Still, Dr. Phosphorus will have an important role in the Creature Commandos. In the comics, he was only a part of the team in an alternate timeline during the Flashpoint event. With the upcoming Flash film this year, perhaps we’ll meet the version who killed the original team leader, Matthew Shrieve.

Eric Frankenstein

The original Frankenstein featured in the Creature Commandos comics was actually a character named “Elliot “Lucky” Taylor. He was stitched together not unlike the Daemon in Mary Shelley’s classic novel. But now, James Gunn has created Eric Frankenstein and it’s unclear how similar or dissimilar the character will be.

Based on the image Gunn shared, however, we can be certain that this Frankenstein is stitched together with much more than massive muscles. It seems his armor is stitched into his own form, making him stand a hand higher than the rest. His strength will carry the team.

G.I. Robot (J.A.K.E. 2)

Based on the photo that DC Comics shared, the G.I. Robot features a number 2 on his helmet. That likely means that when the animated series premieres, we’ll get to meet J.A.K.E. 2, the second iteration of the mech soldier known as the G.I. Robot. This soldier was designed alongside the Creature Commandos, as a part of Project M. The automated soldier has countless mechanical strengths, making him just as super as any hero could be. In the comics, J.A.K.E. 2 has the ability to do perfect vocal imitations, telepathically link to others, and most importantly, feel human emotions.


In the original Creature Commandos, DC Comics relied on classic horror tropes. As a result, they of course created a character to play a traditional werewolf. But the Weasel isn’t a werewolf. He’s a weasel! According to Rick Flag in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, “He’s harmless … I mean, he’s not harmless, he’s killed 27 children, but … y’know, we got him to … I think … he’s agreed to do this.”

Since we know that James Gunn is planning to have consistent actors portray each character across each and every medium, we can be fairly certain that the role of Weasel will continue to be played by Sean Gunn. With Weasel’s appearance, as well as that of Rick Flag Sr., it could be that this animated series will take place in the past, possibly even in WWII like the source material.

The Bride of Frankenstein

The most important character of all on this list is The Bride of Frankenstein. We know for a fact that she will be the main character of the upcoming series. In the comics, she is known as either The Bride or Lady Frankenstein.

Initially, she was created to be Frankenstein’s partner, but she rejected that after the cruel fate of their son. We’ll see exactly how The Bride’s story unfolds when the Creature Commandos animated series gets its release.

Fun fact: This actually isn’t the first time that the Creature Commandos have been brought to life through animation. WB Animation and DC Comics released a series of short animations years ago featuring one version of the team. We don’t expect the series to be the same at all, but while we’re waiting for the big release, we can watch the old shorts in anticipation.

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