Doctor Doom’s Most Dastardly Deeds

Doctor Doom has one of the most interesting and complicated histories of any comic book villain. He’s been a villain, an anti-hero, and the savior of the Marvel Universe. He’s been the Sorcerer Supreme, he’s been a god, and he’s even been Iron Man!

His motivations are arguably the most complicated aspect of his character. He wants to take over the world — which is not a crime, necessarily! And his motivations are, to some degree, pure. As a young man learning magic, he saw the many futures of the Earth. He saw that the only future in which all of humanity survives and thrives is the future which Victor von Doom rules the world. And so he made it his goal to rule the world!

But he also deeply enjoys thwarting the Fantastic Four, and Reed Richards in particular. While he believes his cause to be noble, Doom cannot resist coordinating his ‘benevolence’ with flaunting his intellectual superiority. Like we said, complicated.

Let’s take a look at some of Victor von Doom‘s most atrocious acts in his pursuit of total doom-ination.

Separated the Hulk from Bruce Banner

First of all, yes, you read that right. Doctor Doom is absolutely one of the most intelligent people in the Marvel Comics. He is clearly quite a few steps ahead of Bruce Banner, who was never able to separate himself from the Hulk persona. But in a moment of frustration, the Hulk reached out to Doctor Doom to remove the Bruce Banner persona from their shared mind.

This resulted in Bruce Banner effectively going mad (though this may have been from a brain tumor caused by his extraordinary Gamma radiation tests). Despite having his life return back to normal, Banner felt that a part of himself was missing without the Hulk, so he set out to create another Gamma Radiation Bomb Explosion to recreate the event.

He risked an entire island and lots of lives to make it happen. Ultimately, the Hulk came back and merged with Banner again using the force from the explosion as a catalyst. But all of this destruction? All of it was the result of Doom’s intervention.

Manipulated Mutantkind

As a master intellect and supervillain, Doctor Doom is no stranger to manipulation. And he most certainly was manipulating Scarlet Witch after, and possibly even before M Day (the day that Scarlet Witch erased the majority of the mutant population from existence).

After M Day, Scarlet Witch seemed to have lost her powers and her memory, even though Doctor Doom didn’t. In fact, he even claimed that he manipulated her into causing M Day in the first place (which is definitely not true).

They fell in love, truly, but Doctor Doom was so scared to lose his love that he kept her from her past. He wanted to give her a peaceful life, and he believed that ignorance was bliss. This did not sit well with Magneto, the Avengers, or the X-Men. Even when Scarlet Witch gained her powers again, they stayed together for a time.

Invaded Wakanda

During Doomwar, Doctor Doom invaded and took over Wakanda. He was able to use his abilities as a scientist and a sorcerer to connect his suit to all of the vibranium in the entire world. He established a connection with vibranium that was, in his words, more powerful than the Power Cosmic — the thing that gives the Silver Surfer his powers. And how would he know? Because he’s stolen the Power Cosmic before too. But that’s a different story.

Most interestingly, when he entered the Astral Planes in Wakanda, even the Panther God Bast was surprised that Doctor Doom’s motivations were pure. He wanted to take over the world to make it a better place. He wanted to save the world. He saw that the only bright future for humanity is the one with him ruling it.

Even the Panther God Bast confirmed this truth! Though naturally, Black Panther rejected it. To T’Challa, the ends did not justify the means.

Took Over The World

There is not a single soul that doubts the mental fortitude of Victor von Doom, and if there is, they should remember the time where he kidnapped the Purple Man, Zebediah Killgrave. Purple Man has a powerful ability to control minds with his persuasive speaking (enabled by pheromones).

He is the villain who kidnapped and tortured Jessica Jones, among others, with his terrible power. He might have the most powerful mind control abilities on Earth. And yet, even from just inches away, Doctor Doom was unfazed by Purple Man’s commands.

Doom was able to use Purple Man to truly take over the world! For a long while, he made it a better place. The world certainly has the potential to be wonderful under Doom’s cold command, but no true hero would take the same risks. And ultimately, even though the world might be prosperous, it would never be free. Not under the thumb of Doctor Doom.

Became a God Emperor

Okay… buckle up.

In 2015’s Secret Wars, Doctor Doom helped discover the true power of Molecule Man. This powerful hero was placed in every single universe, with exactly the same powers and abilities, as an experiment by the Beyonders.

The Beyonders intended, at some point, to use Molecule Man as a bomb to detonate the Universe. Doctor Doom and Molecule Man went to an alternate universe and killed one Molecule Man before he was able to detonate. Once the Beyonders caught wind, they decided to destroy all the Universes, by collapsing them into each other.

The only person who able to out-maneuver and defeat the Beyonders was Victor von Doom. And when he defeated them, he took their powers. Powers that made him stronger than anyone, even stronger than Black Panther with an Infinity Gauntlet. He took over the world and became God Emperor Doom.

And yet, even though he finally accomplished everything he wanted, he didn’t know how to rebuild a perfect world. Perhaps he refused to, for fear of losing his power. This fear drove him to awful acts of violence, turning people against each other on the planet of Battleworld, composed of random chunks of alternate universes grafted into one mess of a planet. He established the Thor Corps, a battalion of Mjolnir-empowered heroes under his strict command. Doom even engineered his own worthiness enchantment, ensuring he could keep a hold of his enforcer army.

He literally refused to make things better, all because he wanted to pretend that everything was perfect. He forced Sue Storm to be his wife, and Franklin Richards and Valeria Richards to be his children. He tried to steal Reed Richards’ life. And yet, he couldn’t steal his vision of a brighter future.

Instead, he made an isolated and terrible dystopia. A world where even true love was crushed under his heavy boots. And that is truly the worst thing he’s ever done.

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