Enter the Marvel Universe at the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle

If you’ve ever wanted to assemble with the Avengers, swing along with Spider-Man, and step into to the massive world of the Marvel Universe for yourself, now you have a chance.  Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture, known as MoPOP, just recently opened the Marvel museum experience of a lifetime, called Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes.

The exhibit celebrates the heroic universe that Marvel has created both through its illustrious comic publishing history and its acclaimed Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Every fan can find something to get excited about at Marvel: Universe of Superheroes- from original artwork to movie costumes and props, it’s like the Marvel Universe come to life off the pages and off the screen.

Check out some of the incredible images the Sideshow team took from inside the exhibit!

MoPOP’s Marvel exhibit includes classic artwork from Marvel Comics, along with original pieces created specially for the exhibit!  There are over 300 iconic relics, artworks, and artifacts from throughout the entire 80-year history of Marvel.  Fan-favorite artist Esad Ribic was commissioned to create a special painting of Thor: Goddess of Thunder just for the museum.

Modern and classic Marvel collide here, with heroes like Miles Morales and Kamala Khan celebrated alongside The Thing, Hawkeye, and more.  Film and television also get their spotlight, with costumes and props like Matt Murdock’s costume from Netflix’s Daredevil, assorted armors from the Iron Man films, and Hela‘s ensemble from Thor: Ragnarok.

Even the most recent Marvel films are featured- Shuri and Okoye‘s Black Panther costumes, along with Peter Parker’s homemade suit from Spider-Man: Homecoming, all can be seen up close.  Come face to face with Captain America‘s iconic shield, or with a bust of Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy.  The detail on these costumes is incredible!  Whose cinematic costume would you most like to see up close?

For fans of Marvel’s classic era, the exhibit features some incredible artistic treasures, including a Spider-Man cover by John Romita Sr!

The exhibit also features interactive aspects, including recreated sets, cinematic soundtracks, and plenty of opportunities to take a selfie with your favorite superhero somewhere along the way.

An entire universe of superheroes awaits you! Tickets for Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes at MoPOP are available online from the museum’s website, running through January 2019.  This exhibit is a must-see for Marvel fans of any age!

Have you visited the Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes yet?  Planning a trip?  Let us know in the comments!