Everything Star Lord’s Helmet Can Do

Peter Quill’s iconic design relies on two things: his badass leather jacket, and his Star-Lord Helmet. The helmet is most certainly the most versatile, useful, and essential piece of gear that this Guardian of the Galaxy carries. It gives him an edge on all of his opponents.

But what exactly does Star-Lord’s helmet actually do? Let’s find out.

Changes Size

Star-Lord’s Helmet uses alien tech that can condense and compress technology. Before Iron Man had nano-tech, Star-Lord’s helmet was easily able to compress to just an earpiece on the back of the user’s right ear.

The whole helmet would dematerialize in blue light. The earpiece also continued to be functional for communication.

Purifies Oxygen

Star-Lord is obviously no stranger to the air-tight vacuum of space. The first and primarily concern of any part-Terran in space is breathing. And of course, the helmet is able to purify and collect oxygen.

This allows Peter to perform spontaneous repairs on his ship without docking on a planet, and it allows him to fight whenever and wherever he needs.

Holds a Back-Up Air Supply

Star-Lord’s helmet will always keep a small supply of oxygen just in case there is no oxygen around to purify. That way, Star-Lord can survive no matter the atmospheric conditions of his environment.

And while both the purification and air supply serve him well in space, they can protect him from toxic gases in any environment just as easily.

Pressure Support

Star-Lord’s helmet is airtight, accounting for any pressure changes in the environment. This makes alien worlds hospitable and protects his head from any sudden changes in air pressure.

Even if a blaster broke through his shields and decimated his ship in an instant, the helmet would keep him safe from the vacuum of space.

Calculates Enemy Tactics

Some of the most impressive technology held within the Star-Lord Helmet is its sheer speed and ability to calculate and predict enemy tactics. It displays all the information about his opponents, their weapons, and possible plans on his Heads Up Display.

The helmet can literally read and foreshadow an enemy’s attack. It analyzes their battle data and helps him find the best path towards success. This feature should not be taken lightly, since it effectively gives him the same analytical and tactical advantage as the brilliant Taskmaster.

Improves Vision

Of course, the computerized goggles on his helmet allow him to zoom in and get incredibly clear visuals from far away. It also gives him infrared vision, on top of a variety of other environment-analyzing possibilities.

His helmet provides Star-Lord with all the visual information he could ever want or need.

Universal Translation

Finally, and maybe most importantly, is the helmet’s ability to translate any known language in the galaxy. Of course, this allows Star-Lord to talk to Groot, but it also makes it so that he can speak to anyone with perfect clarity. (As for word choice… that’s all on him.)

This universal translator lets him smooth talk his way out of any sticky situation — and that might be what Star-Lord needs most!

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