What Does the Eye of Agamotto Do?

Doctor Strange is Sorcerer Supreme, the mystical protector of Earth. He protects Earth from all magical and interdimensional foes who wish to harm the Earth and its people. And while there are countless dimensions and planets to explore, it seems that Earth is the hotbed for a host of hocus pocus hijinks.

What is it about the Earth that makes it so appealing? Well we can’t know for sure, but we can ascertain that the formidable heroes and extraordinary artifacts make it extra appealing for power-hungry entities to control. If they can control the Earth and its defenders, they can control the multiverse.

Thus, Doctor Strange stands against those entities, fighting against the likes of Mephisto and Dormammu. His power is greatly enhanced with the incredible artifact called the Eye of Agamotto. The Eye of Agamotto is one of Doctor Strange’s most iconic artifacts, but where does it come from and what is it actually capable of?


Agamotto was once a mortal. He was the son of an Elder Goddess of the Earth, Oshtur. Oshtur put Agamotto through many trials and tribulations in order to train him. She insisted that he make many great journeys and, through his journeys, he discovered and forged the paths to magical powers for all Sorcerers to follow.

Agamotto became the first Sorcerer Supreme, and fought against the relentless Dormammu as well as many other cosmic threats. He grew in strength, abilities, wisdom, and respect throughout the universe. It would not be long before he became one of the Vishanti, one of three mystical entities that manipulated magic across the entire universe. The Vishanti decide who the Sorcerer Supreme will be. They knew that one day, Doctor Stephen Strange would take up the mantle.

The Three Eyes

As a Vishanti, Agamotto was able to channel his power into three unique artifacts. He fashioned them each after eyes. The first was the Eye of Power, the second was the Eye of Truth, and the third was the Eye of Prescience.

Each one was imbued with Agamotto’s power and his vision. Each one granted the user extraordinary powers, but each artifact was also difficult to control. It is the second artifact, The Eye of Truth, that became known as the Eye of Agamotto. It has been passed down through the ages as each Sorcerer Supreme attempts to wield it.

Depending on the specific storyline that you read, Doctor Strange was the first Sorcerer Supreme since Agamotto himself who was truly able to use the eye to its full potential. The Eye of Agamotto can only be used by magicians who are pure of heart and clean of soul. It can only be used for benevolent magic that it is positive in intention and helps others. It cannot be used for evil; it can hardly even be used as a method of attacking a foe. It is simply a tool to provide information for Doctor Strange.


The Eye of Agamotto was created to reveal truth. The Eye will melt away illusions, pushing through the seas of lies and slander. It helps Doctor Strange perceive everything clearly, not just in the present but also into the past and, sometimes, it even allows him to see the future.

In fact, in the Mavel Cinematic Universe, the Eye of Agamotto actually holds an Infinity Stone. The Time Stone allows Doctor Strange to rewind time, or even loop time. It’s his mastery of the Eye of Agamotto’s magic that allows him to defeat Dormammu.

And yet in the comics, it’s very rare that the Eye actually rewinds objects or people. Yet its powers are still grand. It can project an “all-revealing light” of pure magic that both pierces illusions and functions as a deterrent for dark entities like demons and devils.

The Eye of Agamotto can “see” into other timelines and dimensions, and has the ability to create portals to transport others into those places. It can “see” with the same power of Agamotto himself. Even though Agamotto was originally a mortal, he has grown so powerful that he can even peer beyond the bounds of his universe. For this reason, he was able to see Galactus’ true origins from the Universe before.

Using this kind of power lets Doctor Strange delve deep into the minds of others. It can create mystical and physical protections, and so much more. It’s unclear just how powerful the Eye of Agamotto could be and, in truth, we may never know. The magician who wields the Eye must be truly benevolent, and so it could not be used as a means of gaining power. It could not be used to take over the world.

And so the Eye of Agamotto rests around the neck of the Sorcerer Supreme, only there to reveal the truth of every situation. It is there to be a light in the darkest of times. It is there so Doctor Strange can always protect the Earth.

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