Fan Week: Event Overview

Sideshow’s Fan Week celebrates STAR WARS in its entirety, from the light and dark sides of the Force to the galaxy’s greatest heroes and villains. From May 3—May 7, 2021, Sideshow is bringing you booth tours, product reveals, and more. Register for the event at the Fan Week official landing page, and read on to get the full schedule and breakdown of events.

(Registration is totally free!)

What is Fan Week?

Monday (May 3) – Friday (May 7) is Sideshow’s week-long Star Wars feature. Every day you can look forward to giveaways, live content, game shows, and Sideshow rewards. Plus, fans who register in advance also get exclusive access to extra rewards and giveaway opportunities sent straight to their e-mail inboxes!

Whether you find your allegiance drifting toward the Jedi or the Sith, Fan Week is for you. Find out what the galaxy has in store for this exciting event below.


There will be tons of giveaways going on across our social platforms as well as in Sideshow’s official Facebook groups. To help bolster your chances to win, you should follow Sideshow across Social Media, click those notification bells to be alerted when we post, and keep an eye out for when we go live.

While we’re playing our Sabbac™ cards close to our chest, we can reveal the grand prize of the event: the most adorable asset himself, the Grogu™ Life-Size Figure by Sideshow. Keep an eye for a Gleam contest link coming soon!

You can view the terms and conditions for Sideshow contests at

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Streaming Content

There are many livestreams happening during the week. These include:

Instant Giveaways, where you can watch along as our hosts show you the prize up for grabs before a moderator drops a link live in the chat that you can use to enter for a chance to win the revealed prize. These quick drops happen in a flash, so you’ll want to make sure to have notifications turned on for your best chance to enter.

Steal the Deal features flash discounts, which are limited opportunities to purchase collectibles at a great sale price. These chances are EXCLUSIVE to live viewers, so make sure to mark your calendars and tune in to see what surprise discounts will be offered.

Finally, there will be Booth Tours on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday during Fan Week. Highlighting the friends and foes, the rebels and the imperials, and everyone in between, these booths will feature an entire fleet of your favorite Star Wars™ collectibles. The Thursday tour is a bonus tour from our Unsealed and Revealed team where we’ll look specifically at the Sixth Scale Figures on display. Additionally, fans should expect some special reveals during these tours.

Trivial Cahoots

It wouldn’t be Fan Week without a deep-dive into the temple records. Join us at 3pm PT on Tuesday the 4th for a game called Trivial Cahoots. This theme show is a little different than our other games because the audience gets to participate LIVE, answering between 15-20 trivia questions using a mobile device as their buzzer. Correct answers will be reviewed by the council. Winners get Sideshow rewards for their account and bragging rights.

New at Sideshow LIVE

New At Sideshow is a live chat designed to catch fans up on what’s new and to showcase the latest happenings in the geek universe! During the 9am PT weekday stream, we share the newest Pop Culture Headlines, collectibles, and more. You can watch the first episode on our YouTube channel now, and tune in to many more episodes during the course of Fan Week.

The UN-Sold Out Show

Sideshow’s UN-Sold Out Show gives live viewers exclusive access to back-in-stock collectibles. These items will be revealed live on-air with a link to purchase in a very limited quantity. Once they’re gone, they’re gone for good—again!

That Sideshow Show

Feeling overwhelmed, or like you might turn to the dark side soon? Not sure if you missed something that day? Be sure to check out the Daily Wrap-Up AKA That Sideshow Show, live from 5 PM to 6 PM Pacific time, exclusive to the Let Your Geek Sideshow Facebook Group.

There, our hosts will catch you up on all the latest news from that day’s celebration. All are welcome!

Game Shows

The Fan Week game shows include Cobbled Cosplay and Galactic Blast. The best part? We want YOU to sign up as participants! That’s right; we need contestants to play each game, and each contestant has a chance to win an awesome prize.

Starting April 27 at midnight, you can enter for your chance to be a contestant on one of these shows at our official contestant search Gleam. Act fast, because registration closes on May 6 at noon Pacific. Need more information? Here’s a breakdown of each game.*

*Please note: If you are chosen, you do not get to choose specifically which gameshow you will be in.

Cobbled Cosplay

If you love costumes, makeup, and watching people stress out over time constraints and fashion faux-pas, Cobbled Cosplay is the one for you. Contestants will play by proxy, aligning themselves with one of our two cosplayers, one of whom will be crowned Cobbled Cosplay champion!

You can also audition not to play by proxy, but to be on camera as a Cobbled Cosplay participant. Learn how to audition on our blog.

If their proxy or player wins, the winner will take home a prize. To find out what you can win, you’ll simply have to drift in the stars as you wait to find out.

Galactic Blast

Galactic Blast is like the classic party game of White Elephant, but more ruthless. Contestants will have the option to chose between a hidden, unknown prize—or to steal someone else’s prize!

If any or all of these game shows sound fun to you, you can register for a chance to play—and a chance to win—during Sideshow’s Fan Week here.

Players will have to carefully adhere to the instructions to claim their spot. You may also get chosen as a runner up or alternate, not a main player. If you are selected as an alternate, the best way to improve your chances to actually play is by following instructions carefully.

We look forward to playing with you!


*All times listed in Pacific Time

Monday, May 3

  • 8 AM: Kick-Off Show
  • 9 AM: New at Sideshow LIVE
  • 10 AM: Instant Giveaway
  • 12 PM: UN-Sold Out Show
  • 2 PM: Cobbled Cosplay
  • 5 PM: That Sideshow Show *exclusively in the Let Your Geek Sideshow Facebook Group


Tuesday, May 4 – May the Fourth Be With You!

  • 9 AM: New at Sideshow LIVE
  • 10 AM: May the 4th – Sideshow’s LIVE Booth Tour – Watch on YouTube!
  • 1 PM: Steal The Deal
  • 3 PM: Trivial Cahoots
  • 5 PM: That Sideshow Show *special stream to multiple platforms!


Wednesday, May 5 – Revenge of the Fifth!


Thursday, May 6

  • 9 AM: New at Sideshow LIVE
  • 10 AM: Revenge of the 6th – Sideshow’s All-Request LIVE Booth Tour
  • 12 PM: Cobbled Cosplay Supersized Showdown: Fan Episode
  • 3 PM: Steal The Deal
  • 5 PM: That Sideshow Show *exclusively in the Let Your Geek Sideshow Facebook Group


Friday, May 7


Which part of Fan Week are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!