Princess Week: Event Wrap-Up

From Monday, April 26 to Friday, April 30, 2021, Sideshow celebrated National Princess Week. This magical 7 day occasion featured  Sideshow Rewards, live content, giveawaysgame shows, and more. You can revisit at the full schedule on our blog.

Check out our official YouTube channel to catch up on all the videos from this celebration, and keep reading this blog to learn more about everything that happened during the fanciful festivities of Princess Week.


The first giveaway was an instant giveaway on Monday, April 26. Fernando C. won the Ariel Sitting on Rock by Moon Figurine by Enesco, LLC and Esther P. won the Elsa Frozen II Figurine. Congratulations, you two!

The winner of the grand prize Wonder Woman Premium Format™ Figure was Crystal A.! Congratulations.

And on the Sideshow Art Prints Instagram page, Mike D. won the Starfire Fine Art Print by Derrick Chew!

Group Giveaways

In Let Your Geek Sideshow

In Atomic Misfits

Group Highlights

We asked our Facebook Group members to participate in Princess Week, and you all rose to the challenge! Here are some lovely posts from the best geeks and misfits around.

Contest Features

Let Your Geek Sideshow members created battlefield princess costumes!

Members were also tasked with creating their own tiaras.

Atomic Misfits Group members shared photos of their critter companions. From the bottom of all of our hearts, thank you.

Congratulations are in order for you all! Well done and a tip of our tiaras to everyone.

New At Sideshow

This event marked the start of New At Sideshow, a live chat designed to catch fans up on what’s new on Sideshow’s website, what’s going on that day online, and to talk about the latest happenings in the geek universe! During the stream, we shared the newest Pop Culture Headlines, collectibles, and more. You can watch the first episode on our YouTube channel, as well as the most recent episode, which welcomed mourners to keep up with the big happenings in the world of Court Of The Dead.

This show will continue past the Princess Week event- every day at 9am PT, you can tune in and see what’s New at Sideshow!

Win, Lose, or DIE

Our very own princess Jasmine (no, not that Princess Jasmine) dazzled us with Trial By Fire!, a fabulous episode of Win, Lose, or Die. This dragon-‘tail’ took many lives before Stephen G. won the Wonder Woman Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow.

You can watch Trial By Fire! and relive all the action on our official YouTube channel.

Cobbled Cosplay

On Wednesday, Paul R. and Matt W. competed for the crown—literally! You can watch their ballroom battle in the Cobbled Cosplay replay, and check out some images from the eventful episode below.

Wendy and Paul H. hosted as the two Cobbled Cosplay veterans created their best at-home versions of the Pumpkin Coach with Cinderella Figurine by Enesco, LLC.

But only one man could be champion! Matt W. emerged victorious, giving his proxy player Michael D. this fabulous prize.

Watch past episodes with the Cobbled Cosplay playlist, and look forward to more of these silly showdowns in the near future.

Trivial Cahoots

It wouldn’t have been Princess Week without a test of your wits and courage. The Princess Week Trivial Cahoots launched as our penultimate livestream of the week and only our second foray into quiz shows. Audience members participated LIVE, answering between 15-20 questions about princesses and their royal histories. How do you think you would have done?

Trivial Cahoots succeeded because you, the fans, brought your A-game. We couldn’t be happier to have such funny, interesting, geeky friends.

Winners got Sideshow rewards and bragging rights. Plus pixie dust.

Upcoming Events

STAR WARS - May the 4th Be With You. Sideshow Fan WEek May 3 - 7 2021

Sideshow’s Fan Week celebrates STAR WARSin its entirety, with highlights for both the light and dark sides of the Force from May 3—May 7, 2021 with booth tours, product reveals, and more. Register now!

Iron Man Day takes place on May 29, 2021—Tony’s Stark’s birthday! This event celebrates Marvel’s iconic Avenger with livestreams, game shows, and giveaways.

Ghostbusters Day is June 8, 2021, the anniversary of the first film’s release in 1984. Sideshow will celebrate with digital and streaming content.

There are even more events coming up throughout 2021, but you’ll get all the details about those later. For now, mark your calendars and be sure to join in on the fun!

What was your favorite part of Princess Week? What streams and shows are you hoping to see during our next events? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!