Fashion Your Designer Toy Collection with the APO Frogs Collectibles

We’ll only say this once: Frogs are fashionable. 

There’s no better proof of this than the APO Frogs collectibles by TwelveDot. This series is meant to bring awareness to the delicate ecosystem of frogs, with APO being short for Apocalypse.

No matter the season, no matter the reason, these frogs are ready for any occasion thanks to their constantly clever costuming. So, let’s get to know these naturally lovable critters by meeting this season’s top frog models.

Sorcerer’s Apprentice

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Designer Toy brings all the magic of mammalian and amphibian powers into the moment. His mauve body and mustard belly make a perfect compliment to his wizard’s cloak, with precious pink pigs peppered all around it.

The wizard’s hood can rest atop his head, or sag down to his shoulders, giving you a perfect view of the frog’s eyes. And those eyes see more than just fashion- they see the future.

Wild at Heart

What’s tropical to some is just home for others. The Wild at Heart Designer Toy is right at home in its toucan-and-tree covered long coat.

The soft greens of the leaves and the bright beak of the bird are almost reflected in the frog’s own color pattern. This frog is ready for wild jungle adventure, comfortable wherever it goes, and in the outfit to match.

You Make Me Happy When Skies Are Gray

Moving from a frog with more colors than a sunset to a frog with only two tones might seem a bit drab, but you might just have the wrong idea. There is a natural beauty in the gray.

When the clouds roll in over head, it’s a promise of a cleansing rain and, if you’re a frog, a joyous leap through the mud. The You Make Me Happy When Skies Are Gray Designer Toy is thrilled to flaunt its bright pink trench coat and make a splash.

It’s ready for the rain. Are you?

Midnight Blossoms

The Midnight Blossoms Designer Toy is blooming with beauty from tip to toe. The colorful petals pop off the patterned pants, matching the frog’s rich pinks on its body and stomach.

This frog is doing better than great- it’s blossoming like the flowers it’s wearing. With a little bow knot keeping the jacket tight, you can’t help but imagine him fastening it in the morning preparing for his best day ever.

Caution and Fragile

Some days are wonderful and some days are a bit more… dangerous. There’s good reason to be concerned. The boxes for this set of designer toys warn us of two things. Caution: Frogs can be lost forever and Frogs are Fragile.

Meet and greet the Caution and Fragile Designer Toy Set, but do so from afar. You can never be too careful. The Caution Frog is red and white, like any health-related logo, while the Fragile Frog is black and yellow, like the bright yellow warning of a traffic light saying, “Slow down!”.

Going Home

Don’t hop around aimlessly when you know where you need to go: home. But home isn’t always where your couch is. Sometimes it’s the swamp, or the lake, or wherever the Going Home Designer Toy is.

This white and green frog is on its way home, weathering every storm and making its way through the rain with its green rain coat. The big frog eyes on the coat nearly match the figure’s own big frog eyes. Take one step at a time and bring this little guy home on your journey.

Bee’s Knees

The Bee’s Knees Designer Toy isn’t draped in a cloak or cover like most of its frog brethren in this collection. This frog is in a full-on costume that matches perfectly with its yellow body and brown belly.

This frog is wearing a buzzing bee’s costume, ready to take flight. This frog is truly sweeter than honey, and certainly more fly than anyone else at a costume party.

La Dolce Vita

Some frogs are sweeter than honey, and some just have a sweet life. The La Dolce Vita Designer Toy is one of those frogs.

With a chilly mint complexion and a chrome colored belly, this frog makes its way through the coldest climate comfortably thanks to its fluffy Sherpa-lined aviator hat. If there’s anyone prepared for a winter storm or just chilling out, its this frog.

Which fashionable APO Frog collectible from TwelveDot is your favorite? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!