Sideshow Featured Collector Dragon Sim

Dragon Sim

Location: Malaysia
I’ve been a 1/6th scale collector since July 23, 2010. That was a very memorable day for me as I bought my very first Hot Toys figure, the MMS 90 Predator. I was impressed with all the details and articulation of Hot Toys and thanks to them and I begin my journey.

It took me about 3 years to complete Hot Toys Predator series. Then I started to collect Hot Toys Iron Man, Batman, Marvel, Pirates of the Caribbean and other collectibles from Sideshow, Enterbay, Soap Studio, King Arts, Herocross and etc. For my personal point of view, I still prefer 1/6 scale action figure than statues due to limited space of display and the excitement of posing.

When I was a newbie, I kept on searching more about the company and became active in many forums to equip myself with knowledge of toys and figures. Whenever I got a new figure, I took photos for them and shared it to social media and my own page on Facebook – DRaGoN SiM Collection. Dragon Sim is also actively participating events and toy fairs to promote the hobby. I also founded Malaysia Figure Community on Facebook for the purpose of gathering collectors over the world to share their passion and interest.

For me, all my collection is unique and special for me. These are not just toys for me but the meaning behind them is great. I travel to other countries for toy fairs, I have queued overnight to get figures, and I’ve met lots of collectors from all over the world. Most importantly, the passion of collecting is with me, the feeling of waiting, unboxing, review, share and display is awesome.

Well, it is my honor to get signature of Master JC Hong from Hot Toys, Kojun, Yulli, K.A Kim on some of my collection. Other than that, I had my name crafted on Soap Studio 1/12 Batman Tumbler! Those will be my most favorite pieces in my collection.

Most Wanted Figure:
Hot Toys The Avengers: 1/6th scale Mark VI Limited Edition Collectible Figurine (Joint Promo Edition). There were only 16 pieces from Hot Toys.

Check out more of Dragon Sim’s collection on his Facebook page here!