Sideshow Featured Collector Julio (Jay) Roman

Julio (Jay) Roman

Sideshow Featured Collector Julio (Jay) Roman

Location: Staten Island, NY

I started collecting after recovering from cancer a few years ago. I was always the kid that used his imagination to transport myself into the world of heroes and now as an adult I still do it along with my partner in crime, my 7 year old daughter Sam. Together we collect Marvel, DC, Star Wars and everything in between!

I enjoy displaying my collection in a manner that evokes the inner child in those that come over and see the collection. Every time someone is over to see it they leave in a great mood.

No one ever suspects that this collection is lurking in the basement!

His Favorites:
Has to be my Iron Man collection.

On his Wishlist:
The life size frozen Han Solo in Carbonite, and that Falcon cockpit from Hot Toys!!!