First Look: King Shark Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys

Just ahead of the worldwide release, Sideshow’s newest UNBOXING VIDEO gives fans an up-close look at Hot Toys’ latest figure: the King Shark Sixth Scale Figure, based on the character’s appearance in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad.

Take a closer look at everything from the figure packaging to the range of articulation and variety of accessories included in this highly anticipated release with the unboxing video below.

Unboxing the Figure

Based on his appearance in The Suicide Squad (2021), the King Shark Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys is a movie-accurate figure that recreates King Shark in great detail, including his rows of sharp teeth, scarred skin, dorsal fin, and his “very kind” eyes. The figure is carefully painted in gradients of white and gray, and has magnificent, rough textured skin.

Standing at approximately 13.97” tall, the figure has a semi-articulated body with movement at the arms, wrists, and waist. Wearing a pair of specially tailored, patterned pants, the King Shark Sixth Scale Figure also comes with two pairs of finely sculpted hands for poses and a book for reading (upside down!).

King Shark, The Suicide Squad

“So smart, me!” – King Shark

Nanaue, AKA King Shark, is a metahuman believed to be descended from a shark god. A criminal serving time at Belle Reve, he was “recruited” into Amanda Waller’s Task Force X (colloquially known as the Suicide Squad). King Shark joins the team for the Corto Maltese mission where he could be a useful ally, if he can refrain from eating his teammates.

What’s in the Box?

The King Shark Sixth Scale Figure features:

  • Authentic and detailed likeness of King Shark in The Suicide Squad
  • Detail recreation of King Shark’s signature features including jaw, rows of sharp teeth, dorsal fin, and rough skin texture
  • Skillfully painted in white and multiple shades of gray color
  • Approximately 35.5 cm tall
  • 7 points of articulations including arms, wrists, and waist
  • 4 pieces of interchangeable hands including:
    • One pair of relaxed hands
    • One pair of gesture hands
  • Crafted with vinyl material


  • One blue-colored pair of patterned pants


  • One book
  • One Starro drone

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