Five Foes Of Spider-Man Not Featured In The Movies

Spider-Man has been around a long time, and in that time he has accumulated quite a large rogue’s gallery. So large in fact, that despite having 6 films made since 2002, there is still a wealth of untapped super-villain potential that can be used for future films.

Here is a quick list of five Spider-Man villains who can (and should) be featured in upcoming movies.


The master of illusion, Mysterio is the perfect villainous architect for a future Spider-Man film. A former special effects wizard and stunt man for the film industry, Quentin Beck quickly learned to use his unique skill-set to commit the perfect crimes. Using a combination of hallucinatory gases, practical robotic effects, and large scale holograms, Mysterio has been able to fake his way through simple bank robberies all the way to faux full-scale alien invasions. But don’t let the facades fool you, he is a formidable and deadly villain who can make you question just what exactly is or is not real. Though he has been defeated time after time by Spider-Man, Mysterio always returns with new tricks and illusions to try and defeat the wall-crawler.


A big game hunter bored with hunting animals, Kraven decided his next challenge would be to hunt the biggest game possible, Spider-Man! Obsessed with defeating the hero to prove he is the very best, Kraven does not use conventional weapons or tools in his hunts, but rather his own skills and bare hands. This doesn’t stop him from ingesting a magical serum that drastically increases his strength, speed, and agility, and makes him more than a match for Spider-Man in hand-to-hand combat. Kraven is also a master strategist and has been known to patiently play the long game if that is what is needed to bag his quarry.


Mac Gargan was a talented, if not unscrupulous, private detective who would do anything as long as the money was good. He was hired by the Daily Bugle’s J. Jonah Jameson to find out just how Peter Parker was able to get pictures of Spider-Man. When that didn’t go so well, Jameson paid Gargan to undergo an experimental procedure to give him the proportional abilities of a scorpion. The process endowed him with significantly increased strength, durability, speed, and a cybernetic scorpion’s tail, all making him a major threat to Spider-Man. However, the transformation process also drove him insane and soon he sought revenge on Spider-Man and J. Jonah Jameson, who he blames for becoming a monster.


We could probably do an entire list of villains who are the direct result of meddling by J. Jonah Jameson. As with Scorpion, it was the newspaperman who funded scientist Spencer Smythe and his series of robots, created to for the single purpose of tracking and capturing Spider-Man. After each robot failed though, the next in line would be stronger, faster, and more intent on killing the wall-crawler than capturing him. Each successive failure drove Smythe mad until he not only wanted to kill Spider-Man but Jameson too. Eventually, the creation of his robots led Spencer Smythe to contract radiation poisoning, which in turn caused his death. But the Spider-Slayer robots and the hatred of both Spider-Man and J. Jonah Jameson are carried on by his son, Alistair.


Some villains go bad when they realize have something that gives them an advantage. It could be some cool tech, an amazing skill, or even a superpower which they then decide to use for personal, nefarious gain. Cletus Kassidy does not fall into this category. He was evil long before he became Carnage, killing his first of many victims when he was just a child. He was eventually caught after several years of murders, and ended up sharing a cell with a Eddie Brock, A.K.A. Venom.

When Brock’s alien symbiote broke him out of prison and turned him into Venom once more, it left behind a tiny offspring. This tiny offspring bonded to Kassidy’s blood, turned him into the horrific Carnage, and freed him to unleash his chaos on the Marvel Universe. With no moral compass and no regrets, Carnage sees indiscriminate killing as the ultimate freedom and will murder anyone without rhyme or reason. A monster given devastating power in the truest sense.

From huge special-effect extravaganzas to thrilling suspense to downright near-horror, each of these villains could bring something new and different to the Spider-Man film franchise and would prove to be an incredible challenge for the amazing web-headed hero.
So which one do you think we should see next down the pipeline? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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