Five reasons to watch the Deadpool trailer again right now

After premiering on Conan last night, the first full length redband trailer for Deadpool has been blowing up the internet. And, not that you need them, here are five reasons you need to watch it again. Just… bring protection.

5. It’s Gloriously NSFW

Language, gratuitous violence, sexy women. Just really soak in all that R-rated goodness you’ve been craving in a superhero movie.

4. Salt-N-Pepa. DMX.

Face it, you’ve already got them stuck in your head.

3. First look at Colossus

F-yeah Colossus! It’s gonna be fun to see these two go at it.

2. Weasel describing Wade Wilson’s less-than-aesthetically-pleasing appearance

Sorry avocados and Utah.

1. Guys. It’s Deadpool!

Just the way the universe intended him to be.

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