Frank Frazetta Day 2023: Frazetta’s Monster Art Prints

What is a monster? Is it a ghastly, grotesque creature, abhorrent in appearance alone? Or is it the evil lurking inside a human? Many people have searched for the answers to these questions. Luckily, we have art to help us reflect upon this age-old query.

Specifically, we have Frank Frazetta’s iconic sci-fi and fantasy artwork to help us delve into the madness within and without. Below, browse a curated selection of Frank Frazetta pieces featuring monsters of every shape, scope, and size imaginable.

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast pits a fearless female fighter against a ferocious monster. This exhilarating scene is awash in earthy tones, grounding the subjects despite the preternatural circumstances. Still, the jewel tones of the weapon gleam as our heroine raises her spear high. She’s ready to strike her attacker’s heart. Are you ready to bring this intense piece to your home gallery?

The Mothman

A monster of fabled folklore comes to life in brilliant colors and detail in The Mothman. Its luminous wings contrast the darkness from which it descends. Likewise, the two UFOs behind Mothman parallel the fleeing Earthlings underneath his perch. This piece is perfect for Frazetta fans who seek similarities within dichotomy, valuing how fear and awe can blend into something truly mesmerizing.


Dracula is one of the most legendary monsters. He is universally feared as well as revered. Here the vampire looms above a bubbling swamp filled with swirling souls and shrieking bats. Just as he has haunted the minds of millions of horror fans for generations, so shall he haunt your home gallery.

The Mammoth

Bring your art collection back to the primeval days! Frazetta adds a predatory touch to an otherwise gentle giant in The Mammoth. Emerging from thorny overgrowth, the massive mammal stares down a bold blonde hunter. The two are framed in an eternal showdown fit for hours of your admiration and consideration. Hang it in your home and let your guests decide who will will finally win.

Cat Girl

Come hither … if you dare. The lush jungle scene in Cat Girl is deceptively inviting, as you can tell. Viewers are beckoned into the wild hideaway while claws and ravenous eyes hide in the shadows, ready to pounce on their latest prey. And we know you’re all too willing. Frank Frazetta himself refused to part with the original of this painting, so how could you resist the temptation to add it to your own collection?

Kong with Snake

Kong with Snake is extraordinary because it makes you question your definition of a monster. Acting as the hero of this artwork, Kong wrestles an oversized serpent. Lying prone upon the rocks, a beautiful woman waits for her savior to emerge victorious. Add anticipation and awe to your walls when you bring this fine art print home.

Throughout his lifetime, Frank Frazetta created some of the most incredible pieces of science fiction and fantasy art in the world. His legendary paintings and drawings, full of monsters and magic, continue to inspire fans of the genre. Sideshow is honored to offer a variety of Frank Frazetta artwork through our website, Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from all sales will directly benefit the Frazetta Art Museum’s preservation and exhibition of the famed original works.

But our collaboration doesn’t end there. On February 9, Frazetta’s birthday, we’re celebrating his legacy with Frank Frazetta Day 2023! Learn more in our Frank Frazetta Day 2023 Event Overview blog.

Which piece of Frank Frazetta art will you be adding to your walls? Show off your home gallery in our Hall of Frame Facebook Group, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!