Frank Frazetta Day 2023: Frazetta’s Warrior Art Prints

Considered the godfather of fantasy art, Frank Frazetta is an icon and a legend in the art world. His paintings have graced books and magazines, been displayed in renowned galleries, and have inspired countless consumers to pursue speculative fiction work. Either by purchasing a fine art print or picking up a book with an incredible cover, you’ve surely been compelled to collect a Frazetta in some fashion.

Of course, we’re all drawn to different aspects of fantasy. Fortunately for those of us who love the armor-clad warriors and sword fights, Frazetta has plenty of pieces to satisfy our tastes. Below, browse a curated selection of Frank Frazetta artwork featuring brave and bold warriors.

Warrior with Ball and Chain

The Warrior with Ball And Chain first graced the cover of the Flashing Swords! #1 anthology. Now he’s here to make an impressive addition to your home gallery. Mighty and muscular, the weapon-wielding hero seems insurmountable with that solid stance. Accompany him to the battleground today!

The Princess and the Panther

Not all warriors wear metal plating or carry weapons. In The Princess and the Panther, the nude heroine prowls through the jungle alongside her feline companion. A snarl from one and a smile from the other ensure that the two make for a dangerous yet alluring combination. Will you join them in the shadows?

Silver Warrior

When we imagine warriors, we often picture barren battlefields or sprawling castle grounds. Frazetta uses his immense imagination to trade that typical setting for a tundra. Bright blues and brilliant whites emphasize the Silver Warrior in his elaborate armor. From the polar bears pulling his sled to the snowy mountains in the distance, we’re simply captivated by this frosty vision of a tireless champion.

The Barbarian

What is more ferocious than a warrior? The Barbarian. This proud, victorious warrior stands atop a mountain of his slaughtered foes, plunging his sword into the earth in a display of unparalleled power. Such an imposing character has dominated popular culture since the original painting’s inception. He will dominate your walls with the same intensity.

The Destroyer

Known for his merciless mastery in combat, The Destroyer takes charge in every fight. His resolve and ruthlessness are commendable. His unflinching gaze in the midst of hordes of enemies is even more so. If you need that level of inspiration and insurmountable strength, hang this print in your home.

Throughout his lifetime, Frank Frazetta created some of the most incredible pieces of fantasy art in the world. His legendary paintings and drawings, full of monsters and magic, continue to inspire fans of the genre. Sideshow is honored to offer a variety of Frank Frazetta artwork through our website, Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from all sales will directly benefit the Frazetta Art Museum’s preservation and exhibition of the famed original works.

But our collaboration doesn’t end there. On February 9, Frazetta’s birthday, we’re celebrating his legacy with Frank Frazetta Day 2023! Learn more in our Frank Frazetta Day 2023 Event Overview blog.

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