Sideshow Gambit Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure Unboxing — First Look

“The X-Men are heroes. I’m a thief.”

Just ahead of the figure’s worldwide release, our newest FIRST LOOK video gives fans an up-close look at the new Gambit Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure from Sideshow’s own X-Men Collection, inspired by the fan-favorite mutant’s appearance in Marvel comics.

Known by many names — the Ragin’ Cajun, Le Diable Blanc — the mutant thief Gambit has been stealing hearts (and wallets, and whatever else he can get his hands on) since his first appearance in 1990 when he was created by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee. Before joining the X-Men, Remy Etienne LeBeau was a member of a thieves’ guild, hard to trust and even harder to keep track of. With his mutant power to control kinetic energy, he has since become known for his explosive fighting style, signature throwing cards, and of course, his irresistible charm.

Check out the first unboxing video for this detailed piece and find out even more about the Gambit Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure as host Guy Klender walks you through every aspect of the collectible experience, from the classic comic book artwork on the packaging to the swap-out hair to switch up Remy LeBeau’s portrait style.

Sideshow’s Gambit Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure gives fans a full deck of posing options when it comes to displaying your collectible. As shown in the video, Gambit comes with two unique hair sculpts that can be changed out to give your figure a fresh new look. With a portrait that captures his unique cowl and charismatic smirk, this X-Men figure practically leaps off the comic book page and onto your shelf. Gambit has a mixed media costume with tailored fabric elements like a long brown trench coat and a black and magenta body suit. Sculpted silver and magenta armor elements add an accent of flair, covering his chest and legs to protect him in battle.

This master bandit has an entire thief’s plunder of accessories and weapons to choose from as well, including his silver bo staff, four different ace cards representing each suit, a card with a kinetic energy flame trail, and a unique triple card throwing effect that can attach to the figure’s hand for dynamic action poses. Gambit also includes a number of swap-out hands for changing up his grip, and each style of hand comes in a normal gloved version and a translucent purple version for showing his kinetic energy powers on full display.

Once you’ve taken your first look at the unboxing above, be sure to bring Remy LeBeau home to your team of X-Men collectibles. Pair him with other members of Sideshow’s X-Men collection like the Wolverine Sixth Scale Figure, the Cyclops Sixth Scale Figure, and others to fight for the future of mutantkind in your Marvel collection!

Go on then, mon ami — pick a card, any card, and bring home the Gambit Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure today. Do you think you can keep an eye on this master thief? Will he be joining other mutants in your home? Let Your Geek Sideshow and tell us in the comments below!