Rare Finds: ’80s Movie Memorabilia

Looking to combine childhood nostalgia with your adult budget? Sideshow’s Rare Finds is your source for all things cool, classy, and collectible.

What’s Old Is New Again

The movies of the ’80s defined much of modern pop culture, representing nostalgia and aspiration at the same time. Action, fantasy, and sci-fi flicks showed audiences heroes in fantastical pasts and imaginative futures, transporting us to worlds we still carry in our hearts, whether we grew up with these groundbreaking releases or caught them later in life.

If you’ve ever wanted to bring these worlds closer to home, look no further! From your heart to your home and your head, the lines between fiction and reality get a little fuzzier every day…

Labyrinth Door Knockers by Chronicle Collectibles

They make wonderful conversational companions…

Whether you’ve got a killer knock knock joke to try out or are looking for a conversation piece, this pair of peculiar portraits can guard your doors, from mundane cabinets to high-security secret passageways. They are quite the odd couple indeed, but these metal-cast prop replicas put the “fun” in functional, and are referenced from the Jim Henson Company’s actual screen-used… er, we mean, these were taken right from the labyrinth of the Goblin King himself.

Stormtrooper Helmet Prop Replica by EFX

Sure to be a hit in your Star Wars™ collection!

Arguably the most recognizable army in Star Wars, these troopers never waver in their dedication to the Imperial cause. While there have been many evolutions of this famous face throughout the galactic saga, Ralph McQuarrie’s sleek original design remains supreme. Whether you’re loyal to the Emperor or working with the Rebellion, you don’t want to miss your chance to mount one of these in your collection, faithfully based on scans of a surviving Stormtrooper helmet from production. Use it for target practice or to keep watch for Jedi scum on your starship.

A Die Hard Christmas Box Set by Insight Editions

Definitive proof that Die Hard is a Christmas movie.

One of the key themes of the Christmas season is believing, so feel free to show this book to all the doubters who don’t believe that Die Hard is appropriate for the spirit of the season. If your holiday traditions need a shake up, break out this collectible book and accompanying John McClane plush (move over, Elf on the Shelf) to go with your spiked eggnog. This rhyming holiday tale is not for the kiddos.

Back to the Future Sculpted Movie Poster and Ultimate Visual History by Insight Collectibles

This is heavy…

It’s not quite an almanac that will help you win at the race tracks, but this comprehensive guide to a beloved time-traveling trilogy will give you all the answers to the questions you’ve had about how Back to the Future came to be. This collector’s edition set also includes unique inserts including blueprints, prop recreations, poster art, and more. All the fun of behind-the-scenes knowledge without any of the hassle of hitting your head on a bathroom fixture.

Predator Q-Fig Max Elite by QMX

If it bleeds, you can collect it.

Make no mistake, even a pint-sized Predator is a sight to behold. While he might be able to camouflage well enough in the jungle, this iconic alien creature (also called a Yautja) stands out for its incredibly fearsome design and ruthless hunting sensibility. And as you know, Predators are known for taking trophies from their hunts — just like you, they’re collectors at heart. Prove you’re a fearsome hunter with one of these on display and no one would dare mess with you.

It’s a blast from the past that makes the perfect present for yourself! Transform your home into a den of nostalgia and relive all the action, adventure, and amazement every day.