Get Ready for Sideshow Live All Spooktacular Long!

This October, we’re putting the ‘eek’ in Geek with a spooky event like no other- our annual Spooktacular festivities run Wednesday, October 24th to Wednesday, October 31st!

That means in addition to new reveals, tons of giveaways, and crazy fun content, you can expect even more exciting Sideshow Live shows all week long!

Remember the infamous 2017 Box Fort?

Just wait until you see what we have planned this year!  Spooktacular 2018 is going to be tons more fun than before (if that’s even possible!), and you don’t want to miss a single moment of it!  There will be multiple live shows a day, so prepare to stay on the pulse of all things Spooktacular for the best experience.

Join us on Wednesday, October 24th at 9:30am PST for the very first Sideshow Live of the Spooktacular 2018 season!

Be sure to visit for all things that go bump in the night- this will be your hub for all the frights and sights that Sideshow has in store.  Keep an eye out on our blog and FacebookTwitter, and Instagram pages, and visit to enable your notifications, because when the clock strikes midnight on October 24th, the real fun begins…

Remember, sleep is for the weak!