Get the Lowdown on the Lobo Sixth Scale Figure with these New Pictures

Holy fragaroni! We’ve got new production photos and updated information about the Main Man himself, the Lobo Sixth Scale Figure.

This gnarly Czarnian is Sideshow’s latest addition to the DC Sixth Scale Figure line, and he’s got big hair and big attitude. Lobo is a badass bounty hunter who travels light, with his space hog, his Dawg, and an extreme panache for violence.

This really fraggin’ detailed Lobo Sixth Scale Figure comes with many newly sculpted pieces, including his portrait and unique aesthetic torso and arms. When you receive your Lobo figure, the head will need to be pushed further down onto the neck peg to ensure stability.

Lobo’s fabric costuming features a faux-leather vest made from faux space cows, and comes decorated with appropriate flair like pins and a “Bite Me Fanboy” patch. His costume is affixed in such a way that the figure cannot be undressed. Doing so will damage fixed parts of his outfit, and Lobo needs to look his sharpest for bounty hunting.

Lobo is undeniably awesome, but be aware this Sixth Scale Figure cannot handle extreme poses, so take care when posing him so you do not overextend his joints.

He comes with a variety of appropriately grizzled accessories, including a pistol and his signature hook. The Lobo figure has a magnet in the lower right arm for holding his metal chain, which can wrap around and stay in place like a gauntlet. The Sideshow Exclusive edition includes a swap out hand for holding an exclusive cigar accessory, because what’s Lobo without a good stogie in hand?

The Last Czarnian is preparing to roll out soon. Can you handle it? Get ready to make the Main Man the main attraction in your collection!  Order the Lobo Sixth Scale Figure today!