Green Lantern: Top 5 Best Constructs John Stewart Ever Made

John Stewart is the third human (in modern day) to wield a Green Lantern Ring, the most powerful weapon in the DC Comics universe. The Green Lantern ring can do anything so long as the wielder’s willpower is strong enough.

Most commonly, a Green Lantern Ring is used to shoot energy beams, fly, translate all languages, and of course, create green light energy constructs. With enough willpower and imagination, anything is possible. And no one has the will, mechanical understanding, and architectural imagination quite like John Stewart.

Due to his experience as an architect, he builds every single construct down to each nut and bolt. Every screw in place, every structure supporting it. Hal Jordan noted that none of his constructs are hollow. Each of them are reinforced ten fold with mechanical and architectural structures.

Here are five of John Stewart’s best Green Lantern constructs. Which one will be your favorite?

Kryptonian Tele-Disruptor

Teleportation is a powerful tool. In fact, with enough mastery of teleportation, you’re practically untouchable. That is the very problem that he Justice League comes up against when fighting against the Darkstar’s teleportation tech.

Green Lantern ends up acquiring the schematics for the machinery from General Zod. Zod explains that the technology is extraordinarily complex, but Green Lantern shrugs it off, saying, “I’m the guy that rebuilt Coast City in thirty days.”

He creates the technology with his Green Lantern ring. It’s more than just a construct. He builds pulls together every single part of the schematic and reinforces is with his Green Lantern power. His architectural and technical knowledge go into every single construct he creates, reinforcing it down to the finest details.

An Entire Military

An entire planet was taken over by the Black Lanterns, and the Green Lantern Corps simply didn’t have enough men to handle it. But they didn’t need any more than one.

John Stewart really flexed his imagination and willpower when he constructed an entire infantry of Marines made of pure energy. Each bullet. Each movement. Each man. And each strategic step forward was under his control as he single handedly defeated one of the most destructive forces in the universe.

While he certainly had his fair share of experience with the military, being able to mentally construct and understand each soldier down to the individual bullets in their guns is an extraordinarily powerful feat that most Green Lanterns could never achieve.

The Earth

While he didn’t construct the entire Earth, Green Lantern did hold the entire Earth together as it was falling apart. He pressed it together and mended it at the seams while the Justice League worked to save it too.

All the while, through the entire operation, John had enough willpower to physically keep the Earth in its proper location and rotation within the solar system. A single lapse of will or a moment of doubt or fear could have left the Earth a crumbled mess, hurdling towards the Sun. And yet he succeeded. John Stewart has the sturdiest constructs of any Green Lantern.

An Entire Solar System

So Green Lantern didn’t make a construct of the Earth. So what? He set his mind on creating an entire solar system. It came from a place of remorse. When a solar system was destroyed (in part because of him) he decided he’d bring it back. And when John Stewart decides he’s going to accomplish something? He. Will.

Planets began forming. The sun. The moons. And then John Stewart’s willpower surpassed the limits of the Green Lantern ring, which is said to have limitless power.

In that moment, Green Lantern exceeded the limitations of a limitless power. He surpassed infinity. Hal Jordan struggled to construct and maintain Coast City, and yet John Stewart built an entire solar system in seconds.

Sniper Rifle

Yes, a sniper rifle. Green Lantern had experience as a sniper in the military, but when he joined the Green Lantern Corps, he was able to do the impossible.

He was able to use his experience and his power as a Green Lantern in order to aim with such inexplicable precision that even Deadshot would be jealous. His sniper allows him to aim and see further away than any physical gun.

Green Lantern is so precise, and so good with his rifle, that he made his mark from across a galaxy. There’s no way around it. John Stewart’s constructs are incredible. Some of the best constructs in the entire galaxy. And certainly the most precise.

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What’s your favorite John Stewart Green Lantern construct?