What Abilities Does Grogu Have?

In the first two seasons of Star Wars: The Mandalorian™, fans were introduced to an unexpected new character: the Child, AKA Grogu™.

This creature, who happens to be the same species as Jedi Master Yoda™, has proven to be a formidable opponent and ally, depending on which side you’re on. For the most part, Grogu simply eats and naps in his hovering pram alongside Din Djarin™, but now and again, when the situation is dire, he is able to protect himself with powerful abilities.

What exactly are those abilities? And what more might Grogu be able to accomplish? Let’s find out.


One of the first abilities we see the Child use is telekinesis, the ability to lift objects with his mind. When the Mandalorian was going toe to toe with the mudhorn™, the Child realized the great danger they were in. Perhaps he acted out of instinct and protected the one person who was trying to protect him — or perhaps he acted out of training.

Whatever the case may be, when the mudhorn was charging full speed at the Mandalorian and the Child, he was able to reach out one little hand and raise the powerful beast right off the ground. Not only that, but he completely halted its momentum, lifting it into the air like a toy. While this feat was exhausting for him, evidence points to the idea that it was the first time he had used this Force power in decades.

Later, during his training with Luke Skywalker™, Grogu again displayed his knack for telekinesis through the Force. Though he was supposed to be meditating alongside his master, Grogu had one thing on his mind: snacks. He used telekinesis to lift a frog-like creature from the nearby pond until Luke gently admonished his lack of focus. Classic Grogu.

Force Choke

When the Mandalorian meets Cara Dune™ for the first time, they almost immediately get into a fight. After they resolve those issues, and they learn to get along a little bit better, they get into an arm wrestling match. Grogu misunderstands the situation, and responds by protecting Din Djarin to the best of his ability. He uses a Force choke, just like we’ve seen Darth Vader™ use.

And when the Empire kidnaps Grogu in season 2, Grogu uses as many of his Jedi™ abilities as he can to escape the evil Moff Gideon™. He was able to use the Force to choke a pair of stormtroopers, flinging them around with ease.

Force Barrier

When Incinerator troopers try to burn down the Mandalorian and his team, Grogu is able to block and redirect the flames. He is powerful enough to keep his team safe and ultimately unharmed. But his force barriers extend even beyond that.

When Grogu goes to Tython™, he meditates on a focal point. This meditation allows him to do a few new things: First, it amplifies his connection to the Force. Second, it allows him to protect himself with a Force barrier. This Force barrier was completely impenetrable. Even though the Mandalorian used all of his might to press forward through it, it rejected him and threw him back.

Force Telepathy

Meeting Ahsoka Tano™ was a great relief. For once, someone could understand Grogu in the only way that Grogu could communicate: emotions. He was able to share some of his history through telepathic and empathic communication. And even more than that, he was able to share his own name: This was when fans discovered the Child’s true name, Grogu.

Unfortunately, it seems that Grogu is not yet trained on initiating Force telepathy with others, so that he can communicate to them. He is only able to communicate when others begin using telepathy with him.

Force Healing

Grogu is kind and compassionate. He cares for the people around him and he cares about their wellbeing. When they are in danger, he tries to protect them. When they are hurting, he tries to be there for them. And when they are injured, he heals them.

Force healing is an incredibly rare power, something we’ve not seen with many Force users before. And yet, he is able to heal people from terrible injuries. Not just from serious injuries like scrapes and burns, but even curing poisoning by simply touching the injury, like he did with Greef Karga™.

Force Concealment

Grogu is incredibly Force-sensitive. So much so that in order to stay safe while on the run, he’s used his Force abilities to cloak his true power. That is why, by dampening his potential, other Force-sensitives could not locate him for some time.

We’ve seen Darth Vader be Force sensitive when sensing Luke, and we’ve seen Palpatine™ cloak his Force abilities around Yoda many times. Yoda, in turn, uses Force concealment to hide on Dagobah™ for many years. With Grogu using this ability so successfully, it’s unclear how truly powerful he could become if he wasn’t lessening his potential.

Force Calming

The wrath of a rancor™ on the loose is feared by even the most capable warriors. Yet during the battle for Mos Eisley™ in The Book of Boba Fett, Grogu shows no fear in approaching the behemoth. Grogu slowly waddles up to the rancor, hand outstretched to use the Force and calm the beast into a gentle sleep. This feat is not only a powerful use of the Force but also an act of extreme bravery. Go Grogu!

Grogu has many abilities, and potentially more to come as his story continues. Which is your favorite Force power? Do you think Grogu will return to his Jedi training or will he blaze across the galaxy with The Mandalorian?

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