Harley Quinn’s Weapons of Choice

Harley Quinn is more than just a sidekick to the Clown Prince of Crime. She’s a queen of chaos, with a grab bag of exciting accessories to help her pull off any heist, scheme, or hair-brained plan, whether she’s teamed with The Joker or her best pal Poison Ivy.

Here are a few of Harley’s favorites tools of the trade.

Oversized Hammer

Harley rarely leaves home without her oversized hammer. Just like The Joker, she loves a good carnival gag, and a lot of her accessories are focused around carnival themes. She’s taken the classic hammer from the “Ring the Bell” game, and made it into a viable weapon.

Harley Quinn is more than happy to test her strength against your skull- She’s even knocked out Lil’ Ol’ Batsy with it!


Let’s not forget Harley’s explosive personality—one second everything’s fine, the next she’s blowing up in your face!

It seems like most villains in Gotham are particularly well versed in bomb-making, but Harley just adds such a flare!

Baseball Bat

Batter up, puddin’! Harley Quinn has been known for her hit and runs, and she’s certainly well known for her baseball bat.

She’s a hard hitter, and if you get her angry, she’ll come a’swingin’.

Pop Gun

Both The Joker and Harley Quinn have a signature pop gun, just for laughs! But Harley is a tricky one- sometimes her pop gun shoots out more than just a quick joke.

She’s fashioned her pop gun into a real gun, a prank gun, confetti gun, and more!

Pet Hyenas

Last but not least, let’s not forget her hysterical pet hyenas. These sweet little babies listen to Harley’s every command, and you don’t want to end up on the wrong end of those smiling fangs.

Boy, do these hangry hyenas get a good laugh!

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