Harry Potter Spells: Which Spells Has Newt Scamander Cast in Fantastic Beasts?

In Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them as well as Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Harry Potter fans get to explore all new creatures and all new magics as a part of the expanded Wizarding World. Sure, we’ve seen some of the spells before, but many of them are brand new and even the returning favorites have new uses.

So while not every spell is cast verbally, we can find quite a few new and exciting ones. Here are all the verbal spells that Newt Scamander casts in the Fantastic Beast franchise to date.


An unlocking charm, to get behind most any door

Petrificus Totalus

A full body bind curse, petrifying the victim


A magical transportation spell, often done without words at all


A glass shattering charm, sure to disturb any local shop


A summoning charm, something you can even use on nifflers


A charm that reveals secrets about a person or objects, even removing disguises


A wind jinx that sends a strong spiraling gust in a specific direction, most notably at a single unassuming umbrella


A counter charm used to remove enchantments, even love spells!

Papyrus Reparo

Mends papers, no matter how shredded or secret the evidence


A charm that confuses the victim, and might even make them giggle like a child!

Appare Vestigium

A tracking charm that reveals trace magic, footprints, marks, and more, produced like a swirl of golden dust


A charm to turn an object into a tracking device, like a feather after a missing woman


Bogart-Banishing spell, shapeshifting them from something horrifying to something absolutely absurd


A jinx that forces the target to release its grip on whatever it’s holding, which is especially useful with large animals


Creates light from the tip of a wand, making it easy to read or inspect some clues


A charm that lifts the caster high into the air, or even out of water such as during the Tri-Wizard tournament


A general counter spell, made more powerful when used in tandem with others in a circle stopping a giant flame dragon from destroying Paris

What’s your favorite spell that Newt Scamander casts in the Wizarding World?