Hot Toys Zombie Deadpool (Marvel Zombies) Figure Unboxing — First Look

Our fan-favorite heroes have undergone an undead transformation, with the same personalities and powers, but now they are driven by an insatiable desire for live flesh.

Just ahead of the worldwide release, Sideshow’s newest FIRST LOOK video gives fans an up-close look at Zombie Deadpool from the new Comic Masterpiece Series of sixth scale figures by Hot Toys.

Hot Toys’ latest collectible figure depicts Wade Wilson, The Merc with a Mouth, as a flesh-eating fiend, with a grisly makeover torn from the pages of the acclaimed Marvel Zombies comic book series.

Check out the first unboxing video for this detailed piece and find out even more about the Zombie Deadpool Sixth Scale Figure as host Guy Klender walks you through every aspect of the collectible experience, from the comic-themed backdrop to the zombified Headpool and Squirrelpool accessories.

The Zombie Deadpool figure has an all-new masked head sculpt with interchangeable eyepieces and rotten mouthpieces with exposed teeth to create numerous horrifying expressions. His sixth scale body features amazing paintwork on damaged muscle tissue and exposed skeleton parts, and his tailored suit has specially applied weathering effects.

The Zombie Deadpool figure has a wide range of accessories to give collectors a wealth of posing and display options. This includes a pair of katana, Deadpool’s pistols, a dagger, and an arrow (attachable to the head sculpt), as well as sixth scale recreations of zombified Deadpool Corps members Headpool and Squirrelpool. Headpool features an articulated jaw and can attach to a figure support pole for helicopter-hat action. Additionally, there is also a comic book themed backdrop featuring Dogpool and Duckpool. Using these clever inclusions, your perfectly putrid pose for this ‘pool will look ripped right from the pages of Marvel Comics!

The Zombie Deadpool Sixth Scale Figure features:

  • Individually hand-painted likeness of Zombie Deadpool as seen in Marvel Zombies comics
  • One newly developed Zombie Deadpool head sculpt
  • 3 pairs of interchangeable eyepieces
  • Two interchangeable lower faces to create numerous expressions
  • Specially recreated Zombie Deadpool appearance with damaged muscle tissue and exposed skeleton parts
  • Sixth scale body with over 30 points of articulation
  • Multiple interchangeable hands for a variety of posing and display options
  • One suit with distressed/weathered detailing
  • One belt with metallic red buckle and pistol holster
  • One pair of battle-damaged forearm guards
  • One thigh holster for pistol
  • One dagger sheath on shin
  • One pair of boots
  • One arrow (attachable to head sculpt)
  • One dagger
  • Two katana
  • Two pistols
  • One Headpool (with articulated jaw)
  • One Squirrelpool
  • One back sheath
  • One comic book themed backdrop
  • One articulated figure supporting pole for Headpool (attachable to figure base)
  • A dynamic figure display stand with character nameplate

If you’re stocking up in preparation for the zombie apocalypse, why not bring home your very own Zombie Deadpool? It doesn’t take a healthy helping of brains to know that if you can’t beat them, join them! Or you can study his strange behavior and try to outwit him (if you can’t outrun him).

The Zombie Deadpool is available for pre-order now, via Sideshow.

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