Iconic American Hip Hop Artist ODB to be Featured in Collectibles by Sideshow

Sideshow to produce fine art prints and 3D collectibles celebrating the legendary rapper and Wu-Tang Clan founding member Ol’ Dirty Bastard.

Ol’ Dirty Bastard – also known as ODB – is an American music icon. He was a founding member of the seminal rap group the Wu-Tang Clan, after which he pursued an award-winning solo career. Known for his charming irreverence and creative quirkiness, ODB left a rich legacy of music and carefree character that is beloved by fans both old and new.

Founded in 1994, Sideshow is known for its museum-quality pop culture collectibles. Sideshow has licensed the rights from the ODB Estate to create high-quality, limited-edition fine art prints and collectibles figures celebrating ODB and his legacy. The deal was brokered by FanGirl Consulting & Brand Management.

ODB is a real-life hero. He was a self-made man, a talented musician, and – ultimately – a larger-than-life icon that has inspired countless others,” said Anna van Slee, Sideshow Brand Director. “His enduring influence is a testament to his impact on both music and hip hop culture. We are honored and excited to be creating collectibles celebrating his legacy.

The Estate of Ol’ Dirty Bastard is thrilled to be working with Sideshow,” says Nicole Beckett, Creative Director at Four Screens Management. “We are committed to preserving ODB’s legacy as an authentic figure in Americana and are confident Sideshow will bring Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s memory alive in a way the fans will love and enjoy.

About ODB

The Estate of Ol’ Dirty Bastard is dedicated to promoting the legacy of a Platinum Recording Artist and unique American hip hop icon. Ol’ Dirty Bastard was a founder of the Wu-Tang Clan, a rap group that first rose to mainstream prominence with their 1993 debut album Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). After establishing the Wu-Tang Clan, Ol’ Dirty Bastard went on to pursue a successful solo career, working with musicians such as Mariah Carey, Kelis, Pras, Mya, and Wyclef Jean. His solo albums include 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version and N***a Please. For more information, visit Instagram: @oldirtybastardlegacy or oldirtybastardlegacy.com