Iconic Pop Culture Duos- Friends, Enemies, Partners in Crime

Sometimes in pop culture, two characters become even more exciting side by side than when they’re alone. And so these duos become fan favorites!

We’re not just talking about the coolest partners in crime, or the coolest super-friends. We’re talking about dynamic duos of all types. That could mean a hero and their villain. It could mean two friends who have worked side by side since their beginnings.

Take a look at these iconic pop culture duos who make each other better by association, whether they fight for good, evil, or their own personal grudges!

Bobby the Barbarian and Uni

It’s pretty common to find duos with one brave soul with a shy friend. But this is a little bit different somehow. It seems that no matter what position they got into, Bobby the Barbarian and Uni always had each other backs in the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon series.

No matter who was feeling strong or brave at the time, they took turns supporting each other, and fought against the fiercest of enemies. And along the way they became the fiercest of friends.

Chitauri Commander and Footsoldier

Now you might not expect this duo, since it’s not like they get much attention during the film. That’s not to say that they don’t get a lot of screentime though! We just never get to hear the kind of relationship they built.

It may be foreign, but you can imagine the bond between a Chitauri Commander and Footsolider. These are brothers in arms, with enough weapons to hold one in each arm. In The Avengers film, we see them operate with hive mind intelligence, so they really are bonded to the core!

Harry Potter and Rubeus Hagrid

Of all the mentors and friends that The Chosen One made through the years, there is something particularly special about the relationship between Harry Potter and Rubeus Hagrid.

Maybe it’s that Hagrid was personally tasked with bringing Harry Potter into the life of wizardry. Or perhaps it was that they both understood what it was to feel like an outcast even where you belong. Regardless, it’s certain that there is no duo in the Wizarding World quite like them.

Ant-Man and the Wasp

Ant Man and the Wasp have been through countless adventures together, and multiple generations! Interstellar, inter-dimensional, and intertwined.

Even when Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne passed the torch to Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne, the duo stayed together. They are a powerful team with extraordinary intelligence and tactics, whose abilities compliment one another in battle perfectly.

Hulk and Wolverine

While they’re not traditionally seen holding hands like some of the other duos, Hulk and Wolverine certainly have quite the relationship history! It seems that the strongest and angriest Avenger couldn’t go long without fighting the roughest and the toughest of the X-Men.

These two have fought time and time again only to come back for a second round. Their fights are legendary and always brutal, thanks to their accelerated healing factors and endless attitude.

Batman vs Superman

Two of the most powerful and popular heroes in the entire DC Universe famously go toe to toe in the comics and in movies and animations again and again. There is something undeniably appealing about Batman vs. Superman.

It’s a battle of brains vs. brawn. Genius earth technology vs. alien powers based on the sun. Hope vs. justice. Their rivalry is a battle for the ages. It never matters who wins because in the end, the audience is the winner. We get to see the most epic fights ever, and the duo usually work out their differences enough to team up again next issue.

Batman Vs. The Joker

There is no duo as iconic as Batman vs The Joker! These two are intertwined in a terrible dance of fate and terror. In some cases, they are even each others’ origin stories. And frankly, they compliment each other.

Someone as serious at The Bat works perfectly with someone as crazy as The Joker. And so Gotham constantly changes hands between Batman’s careful watch and The Joker’s wild chaos. A better duo might not exist in all of pop culture.

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