It’s the Super (heroes) Bowl! The best from the Big Game!

Some watch it for the pageantry. Others watch it for the actual sports. And there’s us: We watched it for the commercials and the announcements. Long held to be the biggest commercial day of the year, what goes down on Super Bowl Sunday can shape the pop-culture landscape for the next year and here’s where you’ll be able to find it all!

Our fully trained team of pop-culture seeking dynamos updated this blog post all day on Sunday with every deep-fried morsel of pop-culture goodness that came out that day. 

We watched the game so you didn’t have to – just one of the many perks of being a Sideshow fan.

We love you too.

All the videos are below!

Super Bowl Trailer: Stranger Things 2

Can. Not. Wait! Halloween 2017.

Super Bowl Trailer: Logan


Super Bowl Trailer: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Johnny Cash and Johnny Depp? Hey, why not! The latest teaser is here:

Super Bowl Trailer: Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Unexpected – but so awesome. Check out the Super Bowl Guardians of the Galaxy tv spot:

Super Bowl Trailer: LIFE 

Looks pretty intense!

Super Bowl Trailer: The Elder Scrolls Morrowmind

We’re pretty sure we have a lot of gamers in the audience…

Super Bowl Trailer: Transformers: The Last King

Updated! The full extended edition of Transformers: The Last Knight was released early Sunday morning before the Super Bowl. Enjoy!

Super Bowl Trailer: A Cure for Wellness

Horror movie fans out there?

Super Bowl Trailer: Ghost in the Shell

Scarlett Jo kicking arse…sign us up! While a short Super Bowl Trailer, this one has a lot of bang for the buck.

Super Bowl Commerical: Mercedes Benz

We’re big fans of the Coen Brothers, so when we heard they were directing a spot for Mercedes Benz, we just couldn’t leave it out of this article!

Super Bowl Commercial:

In a dream team action duo, we’ve got Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) and everyone’s favorite action star, Jason Statham, in a spot for

Super Bowl Commercial: Snickers

Looks like Adam Driver (Kylo Ren in the Star Wars universe) will be starring in the first ever LIVE Super Bowl Commercial for Snickers.

Here’s the teaser…

Super Bowl Commercial: Nintendo Switch

Any gamers out there? Check out the latest from Nintendo

Super Bowl Ad: Buffalo Wild Wings

If you are paying close attention (okay, not really close, its pretty obvious), the Brett Favre Buffalo Wild Wings commercial is a nice nod to the Observers in FRINGE.

Super Bowl Ad: Honda CR-V

Stan Lee shows up in this unique commercial from Honda:

Super Bowl Ad: Pizza Hut – Star Trek’s George Takei / ‘Space Balls’ reference?!?

Anyone else catch the new ‘catchphrase’ for Pizza Hut? ‘No one else out pizzas the hut’ – I mean, come on, Pizza the Hutt? Buwahahah

Hope you enjoyed the coverage! Please sound off in the comments.