Jack Black HULKS Out!

So, it’s not every day you wake up and see Jack Black posing in footie pajamas with the Red Hulk on Facebook

As it turns, the actor and comedian, who was spotted last summer at San Diego Comic-Con attempting to walk the floor incognito as a Stormtrooper, is a collector!

“A lot of people wanted photos, so I didn’t have a chance to buy things. So I bought this thing,” Black told MTV.com in the video interview below, indicating his Stormtrooper helmet. (Unfortunately for Black, word of his disguise spread around the convention very quickly.)

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During his Comic-Con adventures, Black also stopped by the Sideshow booth to order the Red Hulk Premium Format™ Figure.

“I was really into Hulk,” he said. “I don’t know what it was. He’s the strongest possible creature in the universe, and I thought that was pretty badass… I don’t know what he is,” he confessed of Red Hulk. “I never read the comic book where he turned red. I think that’s from another dimension.”

Close enough 🙂

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